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THRIFTWITCH Remix - Philia Unfolding

It's #Minizinemarch and to celebrate I am re-releasing my favorite three mini THRIFTWITCH Remixes for the Khaleidoscope - Zine Club on Patreon. This post looks at the second of three in the series, Philia Unfolding, which explores the love we have for our friends.

In 2021 I began remixing THRIFTWITCH to keep the project fresh and alive. The theme for this third series was types of love, most specifically inspired by the distinctions made by the Ancient Greeks. Using different types of love as a jumping-off point I researched new papercrafts to weave experiential art into the "pages." Philia Unfolding is loosely translated into a zine and is inspired by love note puzzles popular among the Victorians in the 18th and 19th century.