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Discover Beauty & Magick with the Beauty Oracle Cards Deck

The Beauty Oracle Cards Deck and Book of Mirrors, a New Offering for the Creative Coven on Patreon

Your Pathway to Discover Personal Magic and Beauty. Dive into 27 beauty meditations and create your own spells.

collage of beauty oracle zine, sticker card, and collectors bag with text Birth Fierce Creativity with the Beauty Oracle this February in the Creative Coven

I am beyond excited to announce the launch of my next offering on Patreon- The Beauty Oracle Cards Deck and Book of Mirrors!

five by five grid of watercolor circles from the Beauty Oracle Card Deck

This unique creation is aimed at helping you discover the beauty in your life and harness its power. It's a beautiful combination of art, magic, and personal discovery.

Every month, Patreon members will get to explore a new chapter from the Book of Mirrors in the form of a zine accompanied by a sticker card. These sticker cards are not just ordinary cards, they double as pieces of an oracle deck, sparking reminders of beauty magic wherever you stick them.

The first card we will be diving into is BIRTH FIERCE CREATIVITY - An Invitation to Go Inward & An Invitation to Set Boundaries

Hand holding open Birth Fierce Creativity zine on white background
The path of beauty and creativity is a courageous one. Be fierce in your desires to craft a more beautiful life and world. Trust in your ability to pull creative intention from your inner well of inspiration. -from the Book of Mirrors

But wait, there's more! Join in February and receive an exclusive Collector’s Bag to keep all your sticker cards safe and organized.

Hand holding Beauty Oracle collectors bag with round cards inside on white backgroundHand holding Beauty Oracle collectors bag with round cards inside on white background

This bag will be embellished with a custom stamp for the Beauty Oracle - Patrons will get to vote later this week on the design.

The Book of Mirrors is a workbook designed to guide you through 27 beauty meditations, allowing you to create your own spells, set powerful intentions, and build your own story with the oracle. This is about your process, your symbolism, and your magic.

The art cards are the result of intuitive watercolor paintings, each one summoned with joy and appreciation. They are like the radiant sunset or the unfurling flower - sublime and inherently beautiful.

Hand holding round Birth Fierce Creativity Beauty Oracle sticker card on white background

So who is this for?

This is for those who want to live a beautiful life, who appreciate (or want to learn how to appreciate) the abundant beauty available every day. It's for those who want to understand their own beauty and use it as a powerful ally. And it's for those who are ready to see the resilient link between cultivating beauty and building hope.

The Beauty Oracle Deck and Book of Mirrors is not just another product; it's an invitation to explore your personal understanding of beauty and how it shapes your life.

So come join me in this journey of discovery, creativity, and resilience!

There’s never been a better time to join the creative coven here on Patreon. Join now to receive the full project from the start and receive the exclusive Collector’s Bag. After this month the bag won’t be available again.

I am so excited to embark on this Journey with you and see where the magick takes us! ✨🤩

The Khaleidoscope - Zine Club is $15.15 a month, includes monthly insider updates, and only has 10 spots left so join today! or Join the Magickal Mail club for to receive the sticker card deck for only $5.55 a month.

Woman (Khiri) holding example of Book of Mirrors in front of wall of notes at Elsewhere Studio in Paonia

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