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Zines are an opportunity to express yourself. I was first drawn to zines as a way to share all the random magickal thoughts I had in my head. The first zine I created was "THRIFTWITCH - Celebrating Solstice" as a gift for my community. As 2019 began I was looking for a way to stay focused on creating every week, and the project 52 Feathers was born. Now in 2020 I'm thoroughly addicted to zine culture.


Not sure what a zine is? Read my blog post about it.


I am addicted to making zines! I obvious

A zine about Crystals & their Magick

This is my weekly zine project for 2020, featuring a different crystal, mineral, or gem each week. Current issues include Selenite, Moonstone, Amazonite, and Garnet. 

Due to Social Distancing this is also my first zine that is available as Digital Downloads.

Day 22 #marchmeetthemaker_ #proud of_My

 An intimate zine exploring magick & goddesses with unique art, recipes, poems, and rituals. The 2019 cycle focused on the Wiccan wheel of the year with 8 issues. 2019 features the elements, air, fire, water, earth, and more. Current Issues include Air and Fire.

🎉🎉🎉🎉 March Meet the Makers is here!

 A weekly zine featuring different bird messengers, weaving together art, myth, medicine, and ritual for magic and bird lovers alike. 52 Issues were written in 2019, each featuring a different bird from Crow to Eagle to Chickadee to Peacock. 


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I have an extensive stock of my zines online through Etsy, Including digital downloads.

Seeking to connect more deeply with the

I occasionally offer mixed media zine making workshops online & at zine fairs. 

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