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My final painting of 2021. Painted with intention from summer solstice to summer solstice. It is the largest painting I have completed to date.


The Crystal Shrine collection was born during the October Open Studios tour. Weaving mixed media elements with watercolor crystals, these shrines are a powerful substitute for a real stone, like a sigil, infused to honor the energy of a specific crystal, without removing precious beauty from the Earth.


BAA Group Show Paintings (2020-Present)

Twice a year the Boulder Arts Association invites local artists to create an 8x8 painting to be a part of their group show wall. 


I stood next to a triumphant patch of Milk Thistle and felt the bees thrumming the air. I knew I needed to capture that exhilaration in paint and color.  On these canvases I share my hopes for a world that continues to thrive with bees, birds, butterflies, and flowers. I am grateful for the pollinators everyday for making the world sweet, encouraging beautiful colors to grow, and providing so much of the food we eat. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 3.29.58 PM.png

In February I embarked on a journey to paint 100 watercolor crystals over 100 days, inspired to participate in the instagram challenge #100daysproject  and 52 Facets Zine.


This series of Sphere's were painted as intentional invocations of Wellness, each a beacon for a healthier future. Each is named for a different concept relating to health such as Immunity, Resistance, and Clarity.


A three page pop-up altar honoring the Triple Goddess Mother, Maiden, and Crone. 

Mixed Media book art. 


Holding all of the weight of history, myth, and imagery of these birds in my minds eye I worked to create a series of mixed media paintings that encapsulated the essence of these creatures.


Each mini canvas houses a tiny butterfly print, one-of-a-kind just like a real butterfly, created using a monotype process called Gelli-printing. Each of these mixed media paintings are a little tidbit of artistic magnificence that you can tuck away on those odd walls

An Irish Blessing_May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.jpgAnd find your shoulder to


Created for Prismic Altars at 2020 Body Alive NYE in Longmont, These seven animal masks enlivened the space with sacred intention. 


What does a wish look like? This question spurred the creation of the Wishing Well Mirrors, which were originally conceived for an art installation at the Enchanted Forest event in Missoula, MT. 


For seven days I drew a card from my Bird Cards deck and listened deeply to the message of the card and created a painting. To further explore the vibration of each bird messenger I listened to the bird song while I painted. From this Seven Paintings were created.

This is the final painting in my Spheres is Self Realization Series.jpg
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Remything Life through Art, Movement, & Color

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