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THRIFTWITCH Remix - Experiencing Philautia

It's #Minizinemarch and to celebrate I am re-releasing my favorite three mini THRIFTWITCH Remixes for the Khaleidoscope - Zine Club on Patreon. This post looks at the first of three in the series, Experiencing Philautia, which explores Self Love.

In 2021 I began remixing THRIFTWITCH to keep the project fresh and alive. The theme for this third series was types of love, most specifically inspired by the distinctions made by the Ancient Greeks. Using different types of love as a jumping-off point I researched new papercrafts to weave experiential art into the "pages." Experiencing Philautia was the second THRIFTWITCH Remix, and to date it is still one o my favorites in terms of color palette, composition, and purpose.

"Possibly the best thing I’ve ever made 🌞 This seasons #THRIFTWITCH remix is a cozy adventure through self-love. I want to crawl into the pages and disappear for awhile among them colors and textures. The Greeks defined self love as Philautia and this year my theme is the eight types of Love as defined by these ancient philosophers."

Philautia: The Love of Self.

According to the Ancient Greeks Philautia was the love of self, and more specifically self-esteem. This is the type of Love that builds are strength of character.

The sixteen page mini zine is a self-guided journey through thirteen self love prompts, such as writing positive affirmations, or creating lists of things you love.

The miniature pages have room for you to write in your thoughts, so the little zine becomes of treasure of self love goodness to look back on again and again.

My first attempt at making a sixteen page zine went a little sideways, and the as the zine unfolds the pages alternate between portrait and landscape. In the end I decided to embrace the chaotic layout, enjoying how it keeps a reader on their toys. When we want to step out our normal way of thinking the best way is to move in a new unexpected way. This zine encourages that kind of behavior simply from the way it's laid out, hopefully leading to new and inspiring thoughts on self-love.

This zine is currently only available to March Patrons on Patreon of the Khaleidoscope - Zine Club and above membership tiers. Join before March 31st (Patrons who join after 27th will receive their zines with April Rewards) to secure your limited release of the Mini Zine March Bundle.

The Khaleidoscope - Zine Club is $15.15 a month, includes monthly rewards like playlists and insider updates, and only has 12 spots left so join today!

Interested in receiving Magickal Mail every month from my studio, including future zine remixes?

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