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Three Crystals for Pisces Season

Pisces Season is the final stop on the wheel of Zodiac. This is a time for dreaming, musing, and completing. The sharp intelligence of Aquarius gives way to the mellow wisdom of the sign of the Fish. Tap into this energy with three ethereal crystals.

The final sign of the Zodiac rules the feet, helping us ground & integrate all that has woven through the previous eleven signs in the cycle. Dream big dreams. Dive deep into the unconscious waters of your psyche. Discover true wisdom. These are the tasks of those who are ready to tap into the energy of the season.

Pisces season marks a shift from innovative intelligence to intuitive wisdom.

Pisces Season is also a great time for some self care ritual to reset for the next cycle through the Zodiac. Pamper yourself with a pedicure or start a morning practice steeped in self love 💗. These three crystals will support you through this time.



Across time and cultures Jade has been a stone for the waters, associated with rivers and oceans and the rain falling from heaven. Through this shared water element Jade can be a deeply supportive crystal for Pisces.

Jade can support Pisces in accessing the more assertive side of water, cutting through the waterfall of emotional turbulence to a place of sharp clarity.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Jade

- The stone of Pisces and Emotional Waters

- Visualizing Prosperity with Jade

- Jade Goddesses from around the world

- Add a tumbled stone to this issue while supplies last!


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz radiates with the healing powers of the pink ray, and can add vibrational support into your self-care practice. There is huge value in prioritizing one's mental, physical, and emotional care with gentle routines of love and kindness.

Stand in the Rosy Pink of Dawn, allowing the glow of the rising sun and the hope of a new day to wash over you as you invoke the magic of Rose Quartz.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Rose Quartz

- Rose Quartz Goddesses for Self Love

- Self Care Practices with Rose Quartz

- Rose Quartz bath ritual

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.



Humans are made of more than 60% water. Our skin and muscles and organs are all composed of mostly water and connecting to our fluid body can be a restful and meditative way to restore a sense of peace in the body. Invoke Aquamarine to deepen this connection.

Aquamarine clears blockages around communication and purifies emotions, creating a bubble of calm.

In this Issue:

-Invocations for Aquamarine

- Aquamarine Water goddesses

- Peaceful Meditation with Aquamarine

- The magic of the Seed of Life

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!


I hope you find the support you need with Jade, Rose Quartz, and Aquamarine.

Seek some energetic support from the Kingdom of Crystals with these crystals Blessed Be ~Khiri

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