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TAROTSCOPES From the Ancestors 8/23/20-8/30/20

Tarotscopes are weekly insights inspired by oracle cards and the Zodiac.

This week I was inspired to ask Ancestor for Messages.

Sometimes following an intuition is simply noticing the patterns that appear in your life. I received several messages over the last week to make time to connect with Ancestor Wisdom. A random horoscope, a conversation at a birthday celebration, and an infographic about Ancestors. After seeing the infographic on Instagram I knew that this week we would ask ancestors for insight.

What messages can our Ancestors share with each sun sign through the mirror of the Tarot this week?

Wow! The Ancestors had a lot to share! As soon as the decision was made and the candles was lit my studio felt crowded with energy. The Art Nouveau tarot deck that I use for Tarotscope readings practically buzzed in my hand. Even other people in chat commented on the heightened energy. As a result every sign ended up with two cards this week for their Ancestor Message. I suppose you can't be too surprised when you invite over 4,000 spirits to share their wisdom with you that they would have a lot to say.

Over the weekend the Sun transitioned into Virgo, and so we began the readings there. Find the Full Broadcast on my Twitch Channel or scroll down to find the insight for your specific Sun sign. If you are unfamiliar with your Sun sign it is based on your birthday, and the rough dates for each sign is listed below. Or find your whole chart on amazing sites like

I draw these cards in hopes of sparking your own reflection with your inner landscape, each draw an opportunity for the flash of Aha! Find your sign and see what bubbles up for you in the upcoming week based on the wisdom of the Tarot.

Virgo Sun - 8/22-9/22

Messages from the Ancestors: XIX The Sun and VI The Lovers

"This card represents happiness, friendship, sincerity, love, success, harmony and glory" and "This card represents love, choice, exam, trial and need for a decision."

Virgo the Ancestors encourage you to choose Love this week. What a beautiful and powerful message coming down through the generations. We are confronted every day with many choices, and Ancestors remind you, dear Virgo, that when we orient around the heart and choose love above all else it leads to glory, jubilation, and success. Let your heart center guide you in the week ahead.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Virgo

Libra Sun - 9/22-10/22

Messages from the Ancestors: Five of Chalices reversed and Nine of Wands reversed

"This card represents the extreme fear leading to wrong and sometimes ruinous actions" and "A woman tries to give comfort to a friend. This card represents the need of advice in adversities.

Libra, your Ancestors spoke through the cards a message of tough love this week. They urge you to move forward from past mistakes. Reliving the trauma of failure or fracture is no longer serving you. If you have been trying the same techniques over and over it's time for a new approach. Pick up the pieces in a way you have never tried before. This is time for fresh start, sweet Libra, and your ancestors are here to support you in thinking outside the box.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Libra

Scorpio Sun - 10/22-11/22

Messages from the Ancestors: Queen of Swords and Knaves of Wands

"The indifferent expression of the sovereign is the symbol of malice, falsity, and disgrace. This card also represents a lovely woman, a widow, sadness and melancholy." and "The young messenger brings news of future collaborations and of the birth of new ideas."

Have you been feeling in a bit of a funk lately Scorpio? If you resonate with the Queen of Swords, feeling isolated and uninspired then get out of your bubble and find a new collaborator. If there is someone in your life who is bringing you down with their sour energy, then your Ancestors are encouraging you to cut them out of life, turning you attentions to those who fill you with passion. Keep your eyes peeled for someone with this Knave of Wands energy who will bring creativity, collaboration, and connection into your week.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Scorpio

Sagittarius Sun - 11/22-12/22

Messages from the Ancestors: King of Pentacles and I The Magician

"The powerful man who clutches the kicking maid is the symbol of arrogance, of cupidity, and of greed." and "This card represents ability, astuteness, diplomacy, spirit of initiative, and refusal of any suggestion or prejudice."

Innovative Sagittarius the Ancestors are excited to see what Magick you can call into the world at this time. Be generous with your gifts this week. The traditional forms of wealth are falling out of power, and the Ancestors encourage you to use your pioneering thoughts to guide others into a new wealth story. Bring all of your tools into the arena, your bright ideas, emotional intelligence, body wisdom, and clarity, creating abundance for all those around you.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Sagittarius

Capricorn Sun - 12/22-01/22

Messages from the Ancestors: Ten of Wands and Three of Wands

"The maid of the card is clearly oppressed by uncertainties that prevent her from finding peace." and "The look of the maid is the symbol of experience achieved through overcoming adversity, and her posture represents waiting preluding the beginning of a new activity and the spirit of enterprise."

Capricorn the week ahead may be plagued with many difficult choices. You may feel overwhelmed with all the wild possibilities available to you. However, do no despair, as the Ancestors reveal that all of this discomfort will lead to greater learning and possibly auspicious breakthroughs. Through adversity comes growth, and Ancestor energy will be watching over you this week as you explore the paths forward.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Capricorn

Aquarius Sun - 01/22-02/22

Messages from the Ancestors: Two of Swords & Knight of Swords reversed

"To be able to fight it is necessary to have certainties. This card is the symbol of tenderness, balance of a favorable environment" and "This card represents an able and courageous man, with a passionate, irascible and insolent nature."

Aquarius, be gentle with yourself this week as you make decisions. If you have been choosing between two options your Ancestors advise you to be patient. If you were leaning towards on choice make time to meditate, pause, or consider the impact of this path. Is it possible you are choosing this path because it is familiar or comfortable? Or are you pushing yourself relentlessly into uncharted territories. It is okay to take a moment to reconsider and find surety in your decisions this week.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aquarius

Pisces Sun - 02/22-03/22

Messages from the Ancestors: XIV Temperance

and "This card represents harmony, serenity, recovery, moderation, and spirit of adaptability."

Pisces the Ancestors acknowledge your penchant for artistry. They motivate you to share your skills in singing, dancing, creating, speaking, crafting, or wherever else your skills exist to be successful and happy. Serenity is to be found along the path of creation, so lean into your inherent gifts with confidence and grace this week, dear Pisces.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Pisces

Aries Sun - 03/22-04/22

Messages from the Ancestors: Ten of Chalices and 0 The Fool

""The rejoicing maids are the symbol of success and of acknowledgment, of joy foreshadowing rest," and "This card represents strangeness, detachment from earthly worries, beginnings, and even madness."

Aries you are on the edge of a New Horizon. Step forward into the unknown with confidence as Ancestors support you in this next phase of your journey. Reap the fruits of your learning and celebrate the completions so that one chapter can close successfully and the next one can begin!

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aries

Taurus Sun - 04/22-05/22

Messages from the Ancestors: King of Swords reversed and Six of Pentacles reversed

"The sovereign of swords represents authority, the established power, but also legal difficulties and perversion." and "The lightly resigned attitude of the maid is the symbol of acceptance of choices and the necessary actions which have to be done."

Dear Taurus, it's time to put on your radical thinking cap this week. Your Ancestors have appeared to remind you that even when it seems all the doors are closed, there are in fact many possibilities! Your Ancestors have innovated time and time again to prove that there is always another option, a new choice, and way to upset the status quo. They stand with you as you find creative solutions to any obstacles in your life this week.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Taurus

Gemini Sun - 05/22-06/22

Messages from the Ancestors: X The Wheel of Fortune and Nine of Pentacles reversed

"This card represents unforeseen events, undeserved occasions and success, a favourable but unstable period." and "The maid hesitating on her rich couch is the symbol of a favourable collocation that may lead to possible gain."

The Ancestors encourage you to make your own luck this week dear Gemini. Sometimes good fortune falls in your lap and other times you have to hustle to find your fate. Stay diligent and flexible in the face of uncertainty, knowing that your focus will reveal the serendipitous circumstances all around you.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Gemini

Cancer Sun - 06/22-07/22

Messages from the Ancestors: IV The Emperor and Nine of Swords

"This card represents authority, steadiness, legality, protection, and a firm will," and "The total default of the maid is the symbol of failure, of the consequent bewilderment and of the verification of well-grounded suspicion."

Cancer, you may find the week ahead has some bumps in it, but fear not as the Ancestors were very clear that they are here to protect you. The fathers, grandfathers, and great grandfathers that conspired to create you in this moment are available to be called upon by you when any misfortune crosses your path this week. Use their strength to banish any negativity, deception, or danger from your path.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Cancer

Leo Sun - 7/22-8/22

Messages from the Ancestors: Seven of Pentacles and VII The Chariot

"The scornful look of this maid represents arrogance or possibly perseverance." and "This card represents triumph, success, recognized merit and evolution."

Dear Leo, the Ancestors celebrate you and your accomplishments this week. Your sunny season has just ended so reflect back on your triumphs and rejoice. It is in your nature to know your self worth and the Ancestors have appeared to honor the power of that stance. You are going places Leo, so keep your head held high, sharing your abundance of spirit with those around you.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Leo


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