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TAROTSCOPES for Trust 8/30/20-9/5/20

Tarotscopes are weekly insights inspired by oracle cards and the Zodiac.

This week the landscape of the Stars encouraged me to seek insights around Trust.

I always read up on the big astrological happenings for the week ahead before beginning the Tarotscopes Reading. Although this reading doesn't draw directly from astrology, like a horoscope, I find having an inkling of the planetary positions to be beneficial. The luminaries pull on the planet like a great tide, shifting the story day after day on the cosmic level. And so I look to the sky before looking to the cards.

The reading this week was most influenced by the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces, and the Lucky relationship between Jolly Jupiter and Communicative Mercury. With the likely influx of powerful emotions and quick communications it seemed prudent to turn our attentions toward trust.

How can we best trust ourselves, our community, and the Universe in the days ahead?

We begin the Tarotscope readings with the Sun, which is traveling through the Maiden of the Zodiac, Virgo. Find the Full Broadcast on my Twitch Channel or scroll down to find the insight for your specific Sun sign. If you are unfamiliar with your Sun sign it is based on your birthday, and the rough dates for each sign is listed below. Or find your whole chart on amazing sites like

Oracle Cards are a tool for better self understanding, and one way to navigate the world. This is just one option for how to orient our attentions. This is a reflection. A way to understand the mysteries of the universe to find pattern, to create pathway, and to seek joy. May you find useful insights in the readings below.

Virgo Sun - 8/22-9/22

Messages For Trust: Nine of Chalices

"This image represents satisfaction generated from victory and from prosperity."

Virgo occasionally your desire perfection can cause doubt around your completions or victories. The universe is inviting you to trust in your accomplishments and sense of prosperity thus far. Indulge in the satisfaction that comes from the fruits of your labor. Celebrate what you have won with confidence, trusting that all has aligned for good.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Virgo

Libra Sun - 9/22-10/22

Messages For Trust: XIII Death

"This card represents adversity to life, change, transformation, end."

Trust is most necessary in times of great change, and what change is greater than that of Death and Endings. Big energy for you this week Beautiful Libra, and if you have hesitated to make a decision, weighing all options endlessly, it is time to trust that the change will bring healing and growth. Step off the precipice into the next story this week.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Libra

Scorpio Sun - 10/22-11/22

Messages For Trust: VI The Lovers

""This card represents love, choice, exam, trial and need for a decision."

Dear Scorpio trust in your emotions this week, especially around matters of the heart. You may feel the Full Moon on Tuesday more strongly than others. Use that charged energy to your advantage, flowing with intuition around your relationships and intimate desires. Trust what your heart has to say. Your emotions will guide the way.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Scorpio

Sagittarius Sun - 11/22-12/22

Messages For Trust: Queen of Pentacles reversed

"This woman is the symbol of charity, of generosity moderated by prudence, but also economical certainty and of consequent freedom."

Sagittarius, when the Queen of Pentacles appears in her reversed reading it is a sign to turn your beacon of generosity back upon yourself. You are an exceptionally giving sign, with a tendency to over extend or reach out beyond yourself. To rekindle trust in yourself and the Universe it is healthy to return home to your body and your inner sphere from time to time. Treat yourself this week, being especially kind and charitable with your physical self.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Sagittarius

Capricorn Sun - 12/22-01/22

Messages For Trust: Seven of Pentacles

"The scornful look of this maid represents arrogance or possibly perseverance."

Capricorn, this card appears this week to offer guidance around how you show up in the world. There is pressure from the stars for excellent communication this week so trust that your thoughts and words are worthy. However, if you receive negative feedback from others it could be a sign to pause and reflect on how you are presenting yourself. Use these clues to build a public persona that can be trusted.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Capricorn

Aquarius Sun - 01/22-02/22

Messages For Trust: Five of Swords

"Sometimes defeat is so great that it only brings degradation and broken hopes with it."

It is inevitable that we all experience great pain and trauma in our lives, dear Aquarius. and the Five of Swords is here to validate this uncomfortable truth. So often after hopes are broken the pain is hidden away, however the Tarot honors your reality. Trust that through great pain comes great desires, sending out wishes to the universe for a better tomorrow.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aquarius

Pisces Sun - 02/22-03/22

Messages For Trust: Ace of Chalices & Ten of Wands

"The maid in the moonlight is the symbol of romanticism, of sentimental satisfaction, happiness and positive change" and "The maid of the card is clearly oppressed by uncertainties that prevent her from finding peace."

In the vacuum of completion an overwhelming number of ideas, inspirations and possibilities can flood in. The Full moon on Tuesday is in your sign Pisces and you may feel some tension between the feelings of completion and the portal of possibility. Anchor in feelings of satisfaction, letting what brings you happiness be the compass for navigating through all the creativity. Trust in the abundance, remembering to breathe through any overwhelm. It was famously said that fear is simply excitement without the breathe.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Pisces

Aries Sun - 03/22-04/22

Messages For Trust: Ten of Pentacles and The Knight of Wands reversed

"The woman carefully dressed represents discernment and prudence, which are conditions to achieve fulfilment and richness" and "This card represents a traveller, an enterprising man who has enough courage to look for a new start"

Aries your tools for trust and achievement this week reside within you. Rather than looking outside of yourself for inspiration or adventure, simply look to what sparks excitement within you. Jupiter is in a good position for starting new hobbies, projects, or creative pursuits, so use your good judgement to discern what to shower your affections with this week. Trust your inner muse.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aries

Taurus Sun - 04/22-05/22

Messages For Trust: Ace of Pentacles

"This card represents a commercial success, a favourable period, an increase of capital obtained through imagination."

Taurus, it's not too good to be true. You are indeed successful and prosperous at this time. The aces are a gift from the Zodiac so relax a little this week, trusting the wealth around you. Use this period of success to fill your well of inspiration. If any new beginnings present themselves to you this week trust in the opportunity as it could be a pathway to even greater luxury and prosperity.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Taurus

Gemini Sun - 05/22-06/22

Messages For Trust: Two of Swords

"To be able to fight it is necessary to have certainties. This card is the symbol of tenderness, balance of a favorable environment."

Gemini, the Cards invite you this week to remember your resources, finding ground to find Trust. As an air sign you can at times become flighty and detached, so tap into your tools to ground. Rely on a confidante for support, nest into a safe space, or shape your environment to create a balanced space for working through feelings that may be activated by this week's Full Moon.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Gemini

Cancer Sun - 06/22-07/22

Messages For Trust: Six of Wands

"Great danger often hides behind false appearance. This card represents a dangerous and unfair opponent."

Dear Cancer, stay alert against those who may wish to deceive you this week. Due to your empathic predilection you are a great judge of character, so trust your gut in the days ahead. If something seems too good to be true take time to look closer, possibly revealing less than ideal motives. Individuals may use flattery to get around your exterior shell and take advantage of your gentle center. Don't let them, Cancer, and trust your instincts to keep you safe.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Cancer

Leo Sun - 7/22-8/22

Messages For Trust: Six of Pentacles

""The lightly resigned attitude of the maid is the symbol of acceptance of choices and the necessary actions which have to be done."

Leo, take time this week to give back to your community. Building a strong and healthy network of support through your generous action is a vital aspect of cultivating trust in your life. This could be slightly outside your comfort zone, as you are often the one seeking affections, but I promise that giving back will reward you tenfold. Lean into this opportunity to give and grow, trusting that it will weave great things into your life.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Leo


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