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Three Crystals for Aquarius Season

Updated: Feb 8

The Sun moves into Aquarius today, and this season is filled with powerful aspects in the sky. Tap into the potency with the support of these three crystals for Aquarius Season.

Blog post title Three Crystals for Aquarius Season with three watercolor crystals along the bottom

Aquarius is the sign of the Water bearer, the 11th sign in the Western Astrological Zodiac. Aquarius Sun are born roughly between January 21 and February 20, although this year the sun enters the sign much earlier (Jan 19th- February 17th). Aquarius season is known as a time for visionary thinking and taking risks. The Three crystals for Aquarius Season are Amethyst, Shattuckite, and Amazonite.

Watercolor Painting of Amazonite


Amazonite is the perfect stone for Aquarians as both are ruled by the energies of Uranus, the rule breaker of the night sky.

Amazonite is filled with chaotic structures, giving it its unique coloration and striation.

Through these offbeat similarities, Amazonite can bring the Aquarian spirit of Freedom into anyone's life, or amplify the positive qualities of this sign for those who find it in their chart.

Aquarius season is known as a time for visionary thinking and taking risks.
Hand holding Amazonite zine

In this issue:

- Invocations for Amazonite,

- The stone of Aquarius and Uranus, and learning where Aquarius is influencing your chart.

- Working with Amazonite to find your life path.

- The power of Amazon Warriors.

-Beautiful Art on every page!

Watercolor painting of Shattuckite


Shattuckite brings poise and beauty to any form of communication, making it a great stone for teachers, public speakers, and psychics. It helps translate thoughts into words with grace, and opens pathways for intuition.

Shattuckite is known as the stone of the teacher. It vibrates with a supportive energy for sharing the wisdom of humanity.

Shattuckite zine on sheepskin backdrop

In this issue:

- Invocations for Shattuckite.

- Amazing Properties of Shattuckite from myths around the world.

- A ritual for honoring Venus and your Inner Beauty.

- Connecting With your inner Teacher.

Digitally altered watercolor painting of Amethyst Crystal


Amethyst supports dreamwork & connecting to spirit. The name Amethyst means "sober" from the ancient Greek, making it a particularly great ally for staying rooted in reality.

Amethyst is such a powerhouse of a crystal for all its dreaminess. It casts an aura of the sacred around everything that is near, and is considered the lucky stone for Aquarians.

Adorn yourself in your most luscious clothing of purple and violet, allowing the color to seep through your skin to infuse your inner landscape with amethyst vibration.
Hand holding purple amethyst zine open to article on spiral labyrinths

In this issue:

-Invocations for February's Birthstone, Amethyst.

- Amethyst and Addiction.

- The Spiral Labyrinth.

- Creating Sacred Space with Amethyst.

- Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.


I hope you find the support you need with Amazonite, Shattuckite, and Amethyst.

This Aquarius Season is predicted to be extra potent with lots of powerful and rare aspects gracing the night sky over the next month. Seek some energetic support from the Kingdom of Crystals with Amazonite, Shattuckite, and Amethyst. Blessed Be ~Khiri

Crystals for Aquarius Season info graphic

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