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TAROTSCOPES for Taurus Season 2021

Each month we seek messages from the cards in the f form of TAROTSCOPES. This month the Art Nouveau Tarot shared wisdoms for Taurus Season.

Unlike traditional horoscopes which gift insight from the location of the stars and planets, Tarotscopes share wisdom from cards drawn from a Tarot Deck.

This year Tarotscopes will be drawn as the Sun enters a new sign each month, pulling one card for each Zodiac Sign, with the intention being focused on a message for Sun Sign placements:

What should we be paying attention to in the Month ahead?

Keywords for Taurus Season are Sensuality and Stable inviting us all to slow down and pay attention to what feels good. Taurus is the first Earth sign of the cycle, and symbolized by the Bull. The Sun entered Taurus this past Monday, April 19th, and will linger here until May 20th. I returned to using the Art Nouveau Tarot this month, and the cards offered many welcome insights.

The theme that appeared in this season's reading was to make space for Luxury in the weeks ahead. Where in your life can you enjoy comfort, peace, and abundance. The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 26th will be an active time for letting go of whatever is standing in your way of pure luxury.

I draw these cards in hopes of sparking your own reflection with your inner landscape, each draw an opportunity for the spark of Aha! Find your sign and see what bubbles up for you in the upcoming season based on the wisdom of the Tarot.

Find the Full Broadcast on my Twitch Channel or scroll down to find the insight for your specific Sun sign. The questions answered are based on your Sun Sign, and not necessarily the location of the stars on a given day. If you are unfamiliar with your Sun sign it is based on your birthday, and the rough dates for each sign is listed below. Or find your whole chart on amazing sites like

Taurus Sun - 04/19-05/19

Insight Card: Queen of Chalices & Six of Swords

""This image represents the faithful wife or fiancé, symbol of romanticism and sensuality." and "This card represents expedition, travel, a movement or a holiday, but also strange expedients."

Taurus, make space to travel inwards during your season. There is a curious and unexpected place in your inner landscape asking for your attention. Opportunities to let go or to harvest will be available during your moment in the sun. Let your curiosity lead you toward sensual adventures in the weeks ahead.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Taurus

Gemini Sun - 05/20-06/20

Insight Card: Ten of Pentacles reversed

"The woman carefully dressed represents discernment and prudence, conditions to achieve fulfillment and richness.""

Gemini, this season of Taurus is likely to be a grounding influence to your air energy. Pay attention to what has been working in your life around finances, home, and work. There is no need to change the formula at this time. The temptation may arise to spend more spontaneously or make a sweeping change, but the Ten of Pentacles is here to caution against that during this season.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Gemini

Cancer Sun - 06/21-07/21

Insight Card: Six of Wands

"Great danger often hides behind false appearance. This card represents a dangerous and unfair opponent."

Watch out this season Cancer, all may not be as it seems. The underworld influences of the Scorpio Full Moon and Pluto Retrograde may reveal harmful intentions of those around you that previously appeared on your side. You are a powerful intuitive and empath, so use that to your advantage during Taurus season to stay in alignment with what feels good, and keeping protective boundaries strong.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Cancer

Leo Sun - 7/22-8/21

Insight Card : Ace of Chalices reversed

"The maid in the moonlight is the symbol of romanticism, of sentimental satisfaction, happiness and positive change"

Leo some self-love, self-care energy is needed during Taurus Season. Positive change will follow when you fill your cup back up. You are a truly generous spirit, dear Leo, and yet if you give out your energy all the time it will leave you feeling depleted. Taurus is a great guide for grounding back into who you are and what you need to feel loved and sunny, so be sure to take time for YOU this month.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Leo

Virgo Sun - 8/22-9/21

Insight Card: Two of Chalices & III The Empress

"The lovers illustrated represent passion, love, affinity, or even friendship" and "This card represents action, vitality, fertility, and benevolent influence."

Beautiful Bountiful energy is coming your way this season Virgo! The Empress and Two of Chalices together are a fortunate reading indeed. Earth Mother energy is here to birth happiness, deeper relationships with your partner, or a stronger relationship with yourself and your home in the weeks ahead. Enjoy the Taurus Sensuality with your closest friends and lovers to share your luck with others.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Virgo

Libra Sun - 9/22-10/22

Insight Card: XVI The Tower reversed

""This card represents arrogance, haughtiness, pride, catastrophe, and radical new perspectives."

Libra, your inner landscape may experience a sudden shift this season. In reverse the Tower represents personal transformation rather than outside catastrophe. Something in your life is needing a change right now and it's time to let go of any fear that may be keeping you from making the necessary adjustments. Make space to find long perspective, disaster today could lead to miracles tomorrow.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Libra

Scorpio Sun - 10/23- 11/21

Insight Card: XV The Devil

"This card represents magnetism, sensuality, magic, deceits, allurements, fascination, and suggestion."

The Devil appears today, not as the one who is pulling the strings, but in his guise as the Horned God. Scorpio you are invited to connect with your sacred masculinity, the generative sensual force within that brings wisdom from beyond the veil into the middle world. Time to get to the marrow of the situation, and find nourishment in stripping back to the necessities of life and truth.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Scorpio

Sagittarius Sun - 11/22-12/20

Insight Card: V The Hierophant reversed

"This card represents piety, faith, patience, relief, tolerance, modesty, and a spiritual guide."

This is a Hierophant year, the whole year guiding us towards a stronger connection with Spirit. In reverse this card is inviting you, Sagittarius, to share your wealth of spirit with the world. How can you marry your higher calling with a cause that is greater than yourself. It may take time to cultivate this, and Taurus season will be a beautiful container for this journey to spiritual action. Enjoy engaging with the bigger picture for justice and freedom this month, Sagittarius.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Sagittarius

Capricorn Sun - 12/21-01/20

Insight Card: Queen of Swords reversed

"The indifferent expression of the sovereign is the symbol of malice, falsity, and disgrace. This card also represents a lovely woman, a widow, sadness and melancholy."

Capricorn, it is time to put your inner sovereign back on the throne. It has been a difficult year, and the strong Capricorn energy last year may have left you reeling and falling back to patterns of over compensation that are no longer serving you. Look to the areas of your life where you are self-isolating, and conversely where you are leaving yourself too open. Course correct so that your boundaries are strong, clear, and kind as this will serve both you and those around you better.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Capricorn

Aquarius Sun - 01/19-02/17

Insight Card: Ten of Swords

"This card represents affliction, sorrow, sadness, breakdown, and disease."

Aquarius, it seems there is some grief and sorrow lingering in your life that is asking to be moved, felt, and tended to during this season of rest and comfort with Taurus. How is the ongoing global Pandemic affecting you? Your grief is as important as your innovation, a crucial part of integrating our humanity. Ask for support in tending to your vulnerability.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aquarius

Pisces Sun - 02/18 -03/19

Insight Cards: Knight of Chalices reversed

""This card represents a young lover, but also an intimate friend, a person with whom it is possible to share entertainment and amusement."

Pisces, be mindful of unrealistic expectations this Taurus Season. You may be eager to jump into a relationship or hit the road for an impromptu adventure, which unfortunately may not be possible with the current state of the world. Be kind to yourself and do some inner work, rather than pinning your happiness on something outside of yourself. This time of recuperation will serve you better. Stay present with the grounded reality of the season.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Pisces

Aries Sun - 03/20-04/18

Insight Card: Ace of Wands & The Moon reversed

"Sunset is a typical moment of recollection, prelude to creativity, to creation, to the beginning of a new things, and to the spirit of enterprise which follows." and "This card represents visions, imagination, travel, melancholy, and attraction to the unknown."

Aries, this first two weeks of Taurus Season is going to be powerful for you. Pay attention to what emotions and memories are wanting to move and be released at the Full Moon, and again what wants to sprout into life after a period of recuperation at the New Moon. Creativity is fueled by ebbs and flows, so keep the ember of your spirit alive with journaling or dream art, and then burst into something new at the end of the month.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aries


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