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TAROTSCOPES for Aries Season 2021

Each month we seek messages from the cards in the f form of TAROTSCOPES. This month the Goddess Tarot shared wisdoms for Aries Season.

Unlike traditional horoscopes which gift insight from the location of the stars and planets, Tarotscopes share wisdom from cards drawn from a Tarot Deck.

This year Tarotscopes will be drawn as the Sun enters a new sign each month, pulling one card for each Zodiac Sign, with the intention being focused on a message for Sun Sign placements:

What should we be paying attention to in the Month ahead?

Aries Season is a time of initiation and beginnings. With Aries we begin the cycle through the zodiac once again. In the Northern Hemisphere this coincides with Vernal Equinox and Ostara, the time when flowers begin to bloom and the days grow longer. The Sun transitions in Aries on Saturday, the 20th of March and will stay there through April 18th. Normally I draw cards with the Art Nouveau Tarot, however for this reading the Goddess Tarot was practically glowing on the shelf. I had to follow the enthusiasm of the cards and I am glad that I did. The Goddess Tarot brought big energy to the reading with Eight Major Arcana cards making an appearance.