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Shining Brightly with Leo Season Crystals

Leo Season is championed by the Sun and is a season to let you inner light shine bright. After the restful nesting of Cancer Season its time to head out, see friends, tell your story, and enjoy what the world has to offer.

To make the most of Leo Season work with the crystal energies of Onyx, Peridot, and Ruby.

Leo is a Fiery symbolized by the regal lion. The star of the show, Leo is confident, charming, and creative. Leo is ruled by the sun, and finds her season at the peak of summer in the northern hemisphere. Make the most of Leo season by focusing on what makes you thrive!.

The sign of Cancer can indicate a rise in emotional intelligence or inspire individuals to nest at home.

In astrology the Sun represents the self so the energy of Leo season supports integrating all aspects of ourself so that we can be whole and happy. Leo is also associated with the heart and spine, making this a great time of year to live from your heart-space, letting your inner light shine brightly. Enjoy the energies of Onyx, Ruby, and Peridot this Leo Season..


The Following Crystals can aid

in the Shining of your inner Light this Leo season.


Onyx is another form of Quartz, coming in shades of brown, grey, and black. The magick of Black Onyx, which holds similar powers to other black crystals, but specifically resonates with water.

Onyx can assist in smoothing out the high energy roller coaster of Leo season.

The Black and Watery energy of Onyx may seem in contrast to Leo, however it is one of her traditional birthstones. Black Onyx grounds the exuberance of Leo into purpose, bringing stability to the live-out-loud lifestyle Leo gravitates towards.

In this issue:

- Invocations for Onyx

- Onyx crystal healing for the Body

- Tools to cleanse the mind with Onyx

- Astrological insights for Leo Seaon

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!



Ruby is one of the most sought after precious stones, coming in various shades of red and pink. Shining from within with a confident sparkle, Ruby reminds everyone to shine their brightest light.

Ruby asks us to to light up the pieces of our soul that will empower others, A Shining Practice for this time of year.

Ruby invites us into our wholeness, which in turn invites us to impact the world with great love.

In this issue:

- Invocations for Ruby

- Inspirational quotes to light up your life.

- Radiant Ruby Goddesses

- Sacred Storytelling to Find new personal myths.

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!



The bright yellow-green glow of Peridot has captured the imagination since antiquity, being prized among the Egyptians and Hawaiians alike. Today, Peridot is the revered birthstone of August.

Peridot has the power to clear the mind, bringing clarity to situations, especially when decisions need to be made.

HAIL PERIDOT, The Evening Emerald, glowing effervescently long into the night! I call upon you to illuminate the best path forward. Reveal to me, in your cauldron of yellow, green light, tempered in the volcano of the Earth, the expanded horizon.

In this issue:

- Invocations for Peridot

- Conscious Crystal collecting with Peridot

- Peridot Goddesses for living your biggest and brightest life!

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!


May these crystals serve you and the greatest good!

Blessed Be ~Khiri

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