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NEW MOON Vision Board Craft-a-Long April 21st & 22nd

“Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born.” –Dale Turner

Crafting with the New Moon in Taurus

The Energy of the New Moon this week is shaking things up. Do you have a dream that's been left slumbering, waiting for that perfect moment to spark back into existence?

I have so many! I've been feeling the conflicting sentiment of wanting life to "return to normal" and also feeling inspired to see what new radical world we could be walking into over the rest of the year. It's an uncomfortable precipice to be lingering upon, and the New Moon is opening a gateway to Dream Up what this changed landscape of life could look like, as well as Holding Space for us to name and know what we refuse to leave behind.

Envisioning the Dream with a Vision Board

Holding the vision of Dream in the minds eye is a great place to start, but it can become taxing to keep the pieces together. Creating a Vision Board transforms the dream into a concrete image, allowing the mind to rest and starting the process of manifestation outside of the self.

The last vision board I made was for my Birthday, almost exactly six months ago. I was swept into the New Year with so much momentum this year that I never made time to create a Vision Board for the year, so it feels like right timing to make another one now with the power of the New Moon to draw on.

What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a collection of images and words that are collaged together to affirm and clarify a dream or goal.

It is a simple visualization tool that can be easily created to ground your dreams in reality. Once your Vision Board is complete every time you look at it, it will transport you to your goal, which creates a loop of affirmation and reflection.

Over the years I have made dozens, possibly hundreds of Vision Boards for short term and long term visions. In High School I was invited to a New Year vision board gathering, and created my first intentional collage among a coven of older women who initiated me into the magic of putting hopes, desires, and wishes onto paper.

Using found images allows for the unconscious to speak through the collage, helping navigate what you think you want to what you truly want. Sometimes something unexpected makes it way onto your Vision Board and as the year unfolds in becomes clear why it belongs there. The mystery is part of the fun.

You can make a vision board for any amount of time or any specific dream. Sometimes narrowing in on something specific can lend more power to the dream. For example, when I was getting married in 2013 I made a vision board just about how I wanted to feel at my wedding. I've also made vision boards for my home, my career, and my travel plans. However it is also perfectly fine to make a collage that represents your whole life or the whole world!

No account is necessary to follow along, although if you want to participate in the chat or ask questions you will need to create a Twitch account. It's easy and Free.

Preparing for the Craft-a-Long

In addition to gathering materials you may wish to perform a simple New Moon ritual before beginning your Vision Board. Dropping into a sacred frame of mind, free of every day obligations, makes the process of creation even more magical.

Simple New Moon Ritual

Find a quiet place to sit. You may wish to set an altar or light a candle. Surround yourself in beautiful sounds. If you are a patron of my Patreon you may wish to access the New Moon playlist shared there. Find a comfortable position to come to rest and set a timer for 20 minutes, removing your mind from the worry of schedule. Follow your breath into your inner landscape, ten to twenty breathes. Perhaps you are in a forest or next to a stream. Breath life into this image.

Open your heart and allow this image of your inner landscape to grow and morph and flirt with your current dreams. Allow yourself to dream into any reality. There is no one in this place to judge any of your wishes or visions. Follow them with your open heart and steady breathe to the fullest potential of the vision. When the timer goes off open your eyes and breathe for another 10 breathes.

As part of the Live Stream I will be guiding from a place of relaxation and meditation, sharing tips to create with magick instead of with criticism. A vision board is art created as a tool for self-reflection, so the aesthetic quality is less important than the way it feels to create. Connecting with your guides and higher self can keep comparative mind away while you slip into creative space.


Part of the Joy of a Vision Board is the simplicity with which it can be created. There are only four materials needed.

  • A collection of Magazines. Any magazine will do, although National Geographic, Art Magazines, and Nature magazines tend to have more evocative imagery. Old calendars can also be a good place to find images as well.

  • Scissors.

  • Glue or Tape.

  • A board. Poster board or cardboard are nice and sturdy, although I have also created vision boards on the cover of journals or on scrapbook paper.

The hope for these craft-a-longs is that you can begin creating without the need to order supplies or go to the store, since most of us are settled in at home. If you don't have a specific material I encourage you to think outside the box and see what else might be available to you.

No account is necessary to follow along, although if you want to participate in the chat or ask questions you will need to create a Twitch account. It's easy and Free.


Support the Craft-a-Long

All of my craft-a-longs are shared freely on Twitch. However if you are nourished by the weekly offering consider supporting them by joining my growing Patreon Community and receive a packet of handmade Joy Charms.

Support my Craft-a-Long streams on Twitch, I've added a perk to my Patreon. There are only fifteen slots available for the Joy Charms. And if you are already a patron of my Patreon, first THANK YOU! and second you can increase your patronage by $3 a month to opt in for the Joy Charm Mailing.

Your support makes my stream possible! I hope to continue providing weekly craft-a-longs to everyone regardless of income.

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