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Nesting with Cancer Season Crystals

Cancer Season pulls us all back from the flurry activity generated during airy Gemini into our homes, whether that is the home of our body, the place we rest our head, or geographical homes like countries or the planet.

For me this Cancer Season has me focused on home as body and home as the Earth.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the feminine luminary in the sky. As a water sign Cancer is deeply connected to the push and pull of emotions. When Cancer is present in your chart it activates feminine principles of home, cycles, introspection, and intuition. As planets travel through the sign of Cancer it can indicate a rise in emotional intelligence or inspire individuals to nest at home.

The sign of Cancer can indicate a rise in emotional intelligence or inspire individuals to nest at home.

Cacner rules the home, so this Cancer Season I am turning my energies towards nesting, resting, honoring my body, and healing. I’m am supporting this inward action with the crystals that resonate with Cancer energy- Fluorite, Malachite, and Peach Moonstone.


The Following Crystals can aid

in the Cancer Vibes this season.


Fluorite is connected to the Violet Ray, the spiritual color that resonates with Cancer energy. Open your crown at this time..

Opening the crown to the cosmic flow of well-being can be a powerful experience during Cancer season.

Fluorite can also assist Cancer in understanding the nuance of their emotions, giving them indispensable knowledge for navigating the waters of their inner landscape.

In this issue:

- Invocations for Fluorite

- Fluorite as the Stone for Cancer

- Wisdom Goddesses

- Musings on unlearning with Fluorite

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!



Malachite is so abundant that it has been carved into fixtures for homes. In Russia there is even a museum that houses a room named after Malachite, the walls and floors adorned with the stone. Malachite offers many gifts to make your home a sanctuary, a perfect Cancer Season activity.

HAIL MALACHITE, Eyes open, shielded, and surrounded in the green ray of Love, I am ready for the path ahead.

The swirling patterns in Malachite have been likened to Evil Eye, a symbol used for millennia across cultures to turn away evil. A similar symbol would be the jewel-toned feathers of the Peacock.

Call Upon Juno, the Roman Queen of Heaven who protects mothers during childbirth, and favors Peacocks as her sacred animal.

In this issue:

- Invocations for Malachite

- Healing the Home with Malachite

- Malachite Goddesses for wealth, luck, and beauty

- the seven noble metals from alchemy

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!


Peach Moonstone

Although all moonstone is beneficial to Cancer through the connection to the Moon, Peach Moonstone is extra beneficial. Both Cancer and Peach Moonstone are associated with the Mother Aspect of the Divine Feminine.

In this second stage of the Triple Goddess, The Mother links us to abundance, fertility, and motherhood, both mothering family and home, as well as personal achievement, soul, & community.

Peach Moonstone is characterized by a soft apricot glow, warm and orange like the Sun, reminding us of the endless dance and harmony between our two luminaries, the Sun and Moon.

The Moonstone Zine Bundle includes the four Moonstone sisters to support your rituals for connecting to magick, the moon, and the crystal kingdom. Every issue includes an invocation and deep dive into myth & ritual.

In this collection:

RAINBOW MOONSTONE: Creative Magick with Maiden Goddesses of the Moon.

WHITE MOONSTONE: Moon cycles and Revolutionary Self Care.

BLACK MOONSTONE: Connecting with Shadow and Crone Moon Goddesses

PEACH MOONSTONE: Manifesting with Mother Moon Goddesses


May these crystals serve you and the greatest good!

Blessed Be ~Khiri

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