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Mystical Scorpio Season Crystals

Has your intuition been buzzing? Have you felt more psychic than usual? It could be due to the influence of deep and mysterious Scorpio Season.

Tap harmoniously into your psychic abilities this Scorpio season with Nuummite, Sodalite, and Rubellite (Red Tourmaline).

Scorpio is represented by both the Scorpion and the Eagle. Passionate and Observant. Secretive and Possessive. Ruled by both Pluto and Mars, Scorpio is concerned with mystery, death, and independence. These themes can give Scorpio Season a negative reputation for the intensity, but they are also what make the season so special.

Scorpio is one of the most intuitive and psychic signs, so work on deepening your connection to the unseen during this season.

)Explore the different kinds of clear knowing, the ability to perceive and interpret energetic impressions, with Rubellite (Red Tourmaline, Sodalite, and Nuummite.


The Following Crystals can activate your intuitive powers this Scorpio Season.


The Stone of Scorpio, Sodalite, aligns with the Seasons encouragement to connect to the mysteries of the universe.

HAIL SODALITE, Guide through dreams and fears and intuitions. I wish to move through my fears to speak my truth, and invite you to activate my voice in courage and bravery.

Sodalite supports Scorpio in interpreting their watery intuitions and deepest desires, smoothing their words so that they can be heard & understood.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Sodalite

-Connecting with the Powers of Scorpio

-Altar building with Sodalite

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!

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Nuummite is an ancient black stone with a slight labradorescence, often known as the Sorcerer’s Stone. It grants strength to different forms of psychic powers, both strengthening connection to the unseen and protecting from otherworldly harm.

The Sorcerer’s Stone, Gem of Mystics & Magicians & Wizards & Witches & Crystal Gazers. Ancient ally glinting with the mystery.

Nuummite heightens our awareness of those who have come before us, our ancestors. During Scorpio season, the veil is thing making it an excellent time for connecting with past live, loved ones past, and ancestors.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Nuummite

- Deities of Prophecy and Oracle

- Tuning into your psychic ability with Nuummite.

- Tips for building an ancestor altar

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!


Red Tourmaline (Rubellite)

Red Tourmaline is known for balancing chaotic energies, and Harmonizing Polarities.

Rubellite can assist in the awareness of chaos, opposites, and polarities through its own metaphysical polarization.

All Tourmaline is naturally polarizing, conducting electricity when it changes temperature, and metaphysically this helps equalize yin and yang, masculine and feminine, left brain and right brain.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Rubellite

- New Thoughts on Astrology and the Divine Feminine

- Rubellite and Eris the Goddess of Dischord

- Finding harmony between the masculine and feminine with Rubellite

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!


May these crystals serve you and the greatest good!

Blessed Be ~Khiri

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