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My HeArt Zine Collection

Since the inception of the HeArt Zine project in 2018 I have returned to the craft again and again. It is a favorite way for me to connect to my heart space.

I thought it would be fun to share a collection of the HeArt Zines I have created over the last few years in preparation for the next HeArt Zine Craft-a-Long, which is tomorrow, March 31st at 1:30pm

HeArt is a mix of Heart messages and Art Magick!


Bravo is by far the largest and grandest HeArt Zine I have created to date. At the beginning of the Pandemic in 2020 I hosted a series of craft-a-longs on my Twitch Channel to create community around art.

I wanted everyone to easily see what I was doing while I worked, so I chose to recycle a large piece of paper as the base. It ended up making quite a large booklet, which was spacious and fun.

One step for connecting to the heart space is to complete sentence stems. They include phrases like my heart remembers.... and my heart dreams of... I ended up cutting up many of the words from this exploration to use in the final poem.

My Heart Song

This was the Zine that solidified the process of making a HeArt zine for me. It was the perfect blend of found poetry, collage, and mixed media goodness.

The poem was crafted from writing in an old day planner. The line pictured here is "come forth in perfect love and perfect truth." I paired the words with an image I found of many people dancing in a circle holding hands.

So what would a zine look like if created intentionally to share a message from the Heart?

Be The String

I think this is my favorite HeArt Zine to date. I created it over the Thanksgiving holiday as a gift for my Patreon Patrons. I really took my time with the background, sinking into the textures and colors. I was inspired in part by a HeArt Zine a friend of mine had created then gifted to me earlier in the month.

There was heaven the fabric of creation from tree to tree. from the heart say yes into a sacred river. come up for air The trees whisper to me Art is a language only hearts understand.

Again I ended up crafting most of the found poem from an old day planner. Reading the poem again I am still deeply moved by the words. I wanted to capture my gratitude for those who have supported me on my art journey, and ended up with a poem that connected me to the long lineage of creators who have come before me. My ancestors were speaking loudly through my heart the day I crafted this zine.


The zine I created at The Body Now Summer Retreat is filled with rich blues and luxurious papers. The theme of the zine revealed itself to be water. Much of the week of the retreat was spent connecting to our fluid bodies, and this found its way onto the pages of my Hydration HeArt Zine.

I loved this playshop because I was able to see what everyone else was creating over the four days. Unfortunately, I have been unable to host the HeArt Zine playshop in person since this retreat due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I look forward greatly to playing again in person in the future, as this craft continues to amaze me every time I make one. In the meantime I am thankful for the internet.

No account is necessary to follow along, although if you want to particpate in the chat or ask questions you will need to create a Twitch account. It's easy and Free.

Interested in Diving Deeper with the HeArt Zine Process?

I now have an online course of the HeArt Zine so you can explore at your own speed. Check out the course today.

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