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Make your Own Luck this Aries Season with Crystals Allies.

We are halfway through a powerful Aries Season, with lots of planets joining the Sun for a fresh start in the sign of the Ram. These three crystals will help you tap into the auspicious atmosphere so you can make the best of the season.

The Moon is in the auspicious degree of Cazimi during the height of the New Moon this Sunday April 11th at 8:31pm. The term Cazimi comes from medieval astrological practices, referring to when a planet is in the "Heart of the Sun." This is a time for opportunity, success, and seriously good luck. 🍀 I think Cazimi is a very beautiful word, and love the excuse to share it whenever I can. Venus was also recently in Cazimi in Aries, so i'm counting my blessings and turning my eye toward what is going well.

Cazimi means "Heart of the Sun" and is a strong time for good luck.

Aries, the Ram, is the first sign of the Western Zodiac. This fire sign is known for their zeal for life, often being passionate leaders and lovers. When Aries appears in a sign in your chart it can signify robust energy or headstrong opinions. When planets appear in Aries in the night sky it invites new beginnings.



An Aries Crystal through and through, Jasper supports healthy boundaries and invigorates the spirit towards action.

The most common form of Jasper, Red Jasper has been used for protection since Antiquity.

Red Jasper brings balance and vitality to Aries. Both have an invigorating spirit, yet Jasper, through its connection to the Root and the Earth, helps Aries ground ideas, inspirations, and activity towards productive means.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Jasper

- An exploration of different types of Jasper and Goddess Correspondences

- Jasper and Aries

- Healing Grid with Jasper



In addition to being April's Birthstone, Diamond is a powerhouse crystal for Aries Season. Diamonds Are filled with Fire and Strength, holding the energies of all light in their shining clarity.

The strongest of any crystal, Diamonds are made of Carbon, which is a building block to life.

The quality of sparkle and shine within a Diamond is called fire. The greater the sparkle the more "fire" a diamond contains.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Diamond

- Diamond and the Chakras

- Dream Magick with Diamond

- What is a Herkimer Diamond?

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!



Sunstone has been called a Lucky Crystal by many cultures. It was used by the Norse to navigate by the Sun even when the clouds obscured the sky. The Norse essentially made their own luck to find their way across the sea by having a unique relationship with Sunstone.

The Moon & Venus were both in Cazimi this season. Call upon Sunstone to make your own luck along with the stars.

Sunstone shimmers with an inner luminescence caused by inclusions of Hematite. It is vibrantly orange with gold sparkling through it, appearing to be a drop of sunlight solidified on Earth.

In this issue:

-Invocations for Sunstone

- Solar Deities to invoke with Sunstone

- Simple Sun Rituals

- Tips for timing ritual with the Sun

- How to make your own luck with Sunstone

-Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate.

-Beautiful Art on every page!


I hope you have a lucky time with Diamond, Red Jasper, and Sunstone during activating Aries Season.

Seek some energetic support from the Kingdom of Crystals with these crystals Blessed Be ~Khiri

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