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Honoring the Goddess on Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd. The movement to speak up for the Earth and bring global attention to the radical changes caused by human impact began in 1970. Now there are hundreds of people mobilizing on April 22nd to honor our home the Earth, and do a small part in keeping the world clean, healthy, and alive.
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Five Simple Acts for the Goddess

Honoring the Goddess is an integral part of taking action to protect and heal the Earth. Here are five small actions you can take today, on your own, to bring attention and energy to Gaia, Goddess of the Earth.

1. Go on a Cleansing Walk

Just as you would keep your altar clean of debris, you can do your part to keep the Earth clean as well. Expand your notion of sacred space, far beyond your meditation cushion, altar, or witches circle, to include the whole world.

Go for a walk and bring a bag. Take time to collect every piece of litter you see. This is a small act of love for the Earth. Be sure to dispose of the litter safely and responsibly.

2. Make a Covenant for Change

There are hundreds of little changes each of us can make that in the end has a huge impact. Write a covenant between yourself and Earth. Refuse to use plastic straws, replace your toothbrush with a compostable one, ride your bike to work once a week. One small action step can make big ripples of change.

Write your covenant on a piece of paper and place it on your altar under a potted plant or a resonant crystal. Return to it to refresh your intentions if needed.

3. Plant seeds

Planting a flower, tree, herb or vegetable has become a radical act. Taking direct action and putting life into the dirt to tend and water and cultivate as your own is no longer the simple reality of every person. Even planting a fern or vine in a pot indoors feeds into the energetic web of Gaia.

If you do not have seeds on hand they are easy to acquire. Even a bulb of garlic, which many witches keep in their pantry, can be returned to the Earth this time of year and nourished into a healthy plant.

4. Cast a Spell and Share it

Your voice is worthy of being heard. Is there an environmental issue that is important to you? Do you want to share the wisdom of the Goddess with others? Then do it! Make a Zine. Zines are an extremely accessible way to get your thoughts out in the world. An 8 page zine can be made from folding one piece of paper.

Craft a spell, write a sigil, or compose a chant in honor of the Goddess and an environmental issue impacting our home. Write it into a zine. Send it out to your friends, or find other zinesters to share with. You can't know the magick of your words till they are spoken. See what happens.

To Speak a Dream Aloud is to Cast a Magic Spell - Alice Bag

5. Go Outside and See the World

Have you noticed the buds on the trees, the birds in the trees, or the worms in the dirt? Find a spot in nature that calls to you. Stand or sit for at least 15 minutes just soaking in the world around you. Become intimately familiar with the season. What does the wind taste like? How does the Earth smell? What animals can you hear? How many colors can you see? Knowing how the World around you is today can assist you in knowing how the world is changing and the knowledge is a power that can spur you toward action in honor of the Earth. You may wish to write, dance, paint, or collage your findings to return to later.

Be Well & Blessed Be. May your Earth Day be filled with action and light!

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