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Grounded and Clear with Virgo Season Crystals

Virgo Season can be a time for heady thoughts, self-analysis, and deep cleaning. This year Virgo Season is affected by a cast of planets in Retrograde, as well as some severe transits that could bog down the energy of the season. Thanks to support of crystals you can still have a productive and grounded month!

Enjoy the earthy beauty of Virgo Season with the crystal Support of Carnelian, Sapphire, and Hematite.

Virgo is ruled by witty and analytical Mercury, bringing some Earth sign savvy to the ruler of thoughts & intellect. The common themes of this season are Clarity, Analysis, and Digestion. This year Virgo Season is accompanied by Five planets in retrograde, which could be driving an even greater sense of inward action.

The sign of Virgo encourages healthy routines, body sovereignty, and careful introspection.

Virgo is associated with the gut. This association supports both literal and figurative digestion allowing for moving into the final quarter of the year with clarity. To support this process and create the most successful ground connect with Carnelian, Sapphire, and Hematite crystals this season.


The Following Crystals can aid in the Grounding your innate magick this Virgo season.


Carnelian may seem like an unlikely choice for Virgo Season, however the extra heat and passion from this orange stone is just the right energy to combat the heavy quality of Earth signs.

Through fiery passion and Carnelian, it is possible to burn through details that may hold you back during Virgo Season.

Carnelian helps to bridge the gap between inward ideation and outward manifestation.