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Goddess Totem Craft-a-Long April 29th & 30th

The inspiration for this week's craft came to me while drawing cards for the Pluto Retrograde, which began on April 25th and will continue all the way through October 5th when Pluto finally stations direct again. The final card was the Ace of Flames, Creation. This card represented a direct download from Pluto, lord of the underworld himself. And Creation speaks to having the space to call in something new!

For many weeks I have wanted to build an altar to the Goddess of Beauty, Creation, and Art in the corner of my studio, one of the few rooms in my house, that strangely, doesn't have an altar. I have been looking for an image of the Goddess to build the altar around, when it dawned on me! I have the means to make my own. And so this week, thanks to the inspiration from Aces of Wands, we will be building Goddess Totems to fill our homes.