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Five New Zine Bundles Exclusively with Open Studios Boulder

Every year I say that I am applying and participating in the local Open Studios art tour, a fantastic event where artists all across the county open their homes and studios so interested individuals can have an insider look. This year I finally applied and was accepted into the the tour. Unfortunately COVID-19 has completely reshaped the excitement of sharing my studio with hundreds of strangers over several weekends. The committee behind open studios were also concerned about the health of everyone involved and so the Open Studio tour looks radically different this year.

I am excited to participate, especially with all the amazing work Open Studios has done to pivot and create opportunities and programs online, including several amazing online shops for artists.

Make Someone Smile - Under $100 Shop

Make Someone Smile! During this difficult time of social distance, Open Studios artists have come together to offer fun and affordable gift items that can provide a wonderful way for you to reach out and make someone's day - or brighten up your own! All items are $100 or less.

I have created Five Exclusive Zine bundles for the Open Studios "Make Someone Smile" Under $100 Shop!

Wiccan Wheel of the Year Bundle for THRIFTWITCH ZINE

The complete 2019 cycle from THRIFTWITCH, a zine that combines beautiful one-of-a-kind art with inspiring writings on magic, ritual, and history, in an intimate format. In this Collection: Celebrating Solstice Honoring Imbolc, Ostara Blooming, Beltane Dancing, Illuminating Litha, Lughnasadh Rejoicing, Mabon Balancing, Hallowing Samhain.

The Elements Bundle for THRIFTWITCH ZINE

A collection of five art zines from THRIFTWITCH from the 2020 cycle honoring the Elements. In this Collection: Breathing Air, Fire Burning, Water Rippling, Grounding Earth, and Aether Existing. Each Zine is printed, handcrafted, & folded by the artist.

The Quartz Bundle for 52 Facets Zine

52 Facets is a magickal zine featuring a different crystal ally each week, weaving together art, myth, medicine, and ritual. This Bundle features the luminous Rose Quartz, the protective Smoky Quartz, the amazing adaptable Clear Quartz and the dreamy Amethyst.

The Endangered Species Bundle for 52 Feathers Zine

52 Feathers is a weekly zine from 2019 featuring different bird messengers, weaving together art, myth, medicine, and ritual. This zine is perfect for magic and bird lovers alike. This collection was written in honor of Endangered Species Awareness Month and features Albatross, Birds-of-Paradise, Ibis, and the Dodo.

The Sacred Numbers Bundle for 52 Feathers Zine

This collection includes twelve issues exploring number symbolism from one to twelve!



Fine Arts Painting Gallery

I am honored to have mixed media paintings featured along side so many talented Boulder Artists in the Open Studios Fine Art Gallery.

Three of the Wellness Spheres are available through Open Studios.

We are living in uncertain and unprecedented times. Now more than ever there is a focus on Health and Protection. This series of Spheres were painted as intentional invocations of Wellness, each a beacon for a healthier future. Each is named for a different concept relating to health. There is only one of each of these paintings available. Don't let the opportunity to bless your home with one of these beauties slip by.

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