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Crystal Chakra TAROTSCOPES for Hope 9/13/20-9/19/20

Tarotscopes are weekly insights inspired by oracle cards and the Zodiac.

We mixed things up this week, turning our attention to Hope through the Crystal Oracle, instead of our usual exploration with the Tarot.

The Crystal Oracle by Rachelle Charman is a brimming with positive messages from the Crystal "Devas" to shift focus back to joy, love, ground, and hope. The world has gotten me down the past few days. My hope for a better world took a little wobble. I wasn't grounded enough for the sometimes tough-love challenges of a traditional tarot cards. And so it was a refreshing shift to work with the crystal cards this week instead.

What is your Crystal for Hope for this week? and which Chakra will assist in this process of Hope-Making?