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52 Facets – New Weekly Zine for 2020

52 facets Announcement (1)

My last rotation around the sun was deeply informed by my weekly vigil with a different bird messenger in 52 Feathers. Each week I would discover the mythic medicine of various birds and it always blew me away how synchronous each invocation was to the present moment in my life.

Birds are aligned with the East and the East is symbolic of Air and Beginnings. When I chose to write about the birds I hadn’t made this connection, but as 2020 began to loom I realized I would need to choose a new direction for this project.

Thanks to the input of my Patreon Patrons, I am rotating around the medicine wheel to the South. To Fire. and for me Crystals are an appropriate ally for this space. Although also accurately aligned with the North and Earth, to me crystals also resonate with the symbolic qualities of South and Fire.

They are amplifiers of passion, creativity, healing, and are simply vibrant. Shining like the noon day sun and filled with colorful personality they dance and flicker, similar to flames. And they are created in the fiery womb of our Mother Earth.

References to get the ball rolling. I especially love my Crystal Reading Cards. They are so alive.

I am so so so very excited to see how this decision shapes my year, and I hope it fills yours with inspiration as well. The first crystal ally I will be exploring is Selenite, a master cleanser and beautiful, clear, white stone.


The first issue of 52 Facets featuring the shining moon magic of Selenite.

I’ve known about the cleansing magic of Selenite for a long time and as always the medicine of this ally was just perfect for the energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse. For my lovely patrons who are in the monthly surprise zine this could be one of the zines they get at the beginning of next month !!


The second issue of 52 Facets featuring the eternally magickal Rainbow Moonstone.

Almost every issue of my zines includes an interactive activity, encouraging deeper understanding of the magickal workings of the crystal ally. The Rainbow Moonstone issue includes a contemplative arts practice to create a visual reminder of your own creative spark!

Be Well and Blessed Be!


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