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HeArt Zines at The Body Now Summer Retreat

I am honored to be returning to the Body Now Summer Retreat hosted by Turning the Wheel, after a year hiatus, June 23rd – 29th.


The theme for this year’s retreat is “Path of the Heart,” which resonates so strongly with me at this time in my life. When i’m in my creative process I am fairly attuned to letting my intuition and joy guide me to paint, to dance, to collage, and/or to create something meaningful that brings me joy. However, in many other areas of my life I let my gut and mind take the reins, which often lands me in situations that not only fail to serve me, but also fail to serve the greater community.

Taking time in the restorative community of summer retreat, with the intention of deepening into listening to my heart path sounds so nourishing I can hardly wait two more weeks!

As part of the retreat I am co-leading a Creative Play Workshop with my friend and mentor Dodi Jackson. Over the course of four days we will be guiding an intimate group of participants in the creation of their very own Mixed Media HeArt Zine. Influenced by my own zine adventures with THRIFTWITCH and 52 Feathers, I felt called to develop a creative play that pushed the form a zine.