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Yupo Print – Blue Dragon

Yupo Print - Blue Dragon

At Women’s group last we played with Alcohol inks and Yupo paper. The affect you get when dropping the inks on the paper is really cool. The inks spread really easily across the paper, which creates a lot of movement and vibrant color.

Before we made this piece we we meditated on water, the fluids of our bodies, and how to flow through life. The intention of the art project was to let the colors and inks flow without trying to “create” something. There was also this citrus solution which softened and manipulated the color of the ink.

After we had created our pieces we were asked to look and see what appeared in the image, like a colorful and elaborate ink blot. I immediately saw a stormy chinese dragon. After talking with my mentor she explained that Chinese Dragons often represent feminine power. I think it is a fitting image for where I am in my life, recovering from the flood and my own tumultuous inner landscape.

What do you see? Feel free to comment below.

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