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TAROTSCOPES for Pisces Season 2021

Tarotscopes are monthly insights from Tarot oracle cards for each sign of the Zodiac.

Unlike traditional horoscopes which gift insight from the location of the stars and planets, Tarotscopes share wisdom from cards drawn from a Tarot Deck.

This year Tarotscopes will be drawn as the Sun enters a new sign each month, pulling one card for each Zodiac Sign, with the intention being focused on a message for Sun Sign placements:

What should we be paying attention to in the Month ahead?

Pisces season is a time for big dreaming and deep wisdom. The cards pointed us towards our generosity and our joy. Finding the light in the dark. Diving into some self care as a balm against the grief and weight of COVID. It snowed the day before filming, and so if you watch any of the videos I apologize for the weird image quality. My camera was not sure what to do about the bright blue light reflecting off the beautiful fresh snow in the Colorado Sun.

I draw these cards in hopes of sparking your own reflection with your inner landscape, each draw an opportunity for the spark of Aha! Find your sign and see what bubbles up for you in the upcoming week based on the wisdom of the Tarot.

Find the Full Broadcast on my Twitch Channel or scroll down to find the insight for your specific Sun sign. The questions answered are based on your Sun Sign, and not necessarily the location of the stars on a given day. If you are unfamiliar with your Sun sign it is based on your birthday, and the rough dates for each sign is listed below. Or find your whole chart on amazing sites like

Pisces Sun - 02/18 -03/19

Insight Cards: King of Chalices

"This fatherly figure represents generosity, helpfulness, a favorably disposed important man."

Generosity creates an atmosphere for reciprocity and this is the mood your season is going to have, dear Pisces. How can you be more generous? How can your generosity generate the world you want to see? The more you give freely the more you receive back in turn, so tap into this web of support and giving this month.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Pisces

Aries Sun - 03/20-04/18

Insight Card: Seven of Chalices reversed and Four of Pentacles

"The maid ravished by her own reflection is the symbol of excessive fantasies, of over evaluation of oneself and of unlikely plans." & ""The strange look between this pair represents uncertainty.”

Aries, with the global pandemic continuing to reshape the world it may be a difficult time to move forward and make decisions. This is counter to your get things going, get things done nature, sweet Aries, so you may be feeling more overwhelm and uncertainty in today's climate more than others. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate the path forward, but also be aware of what is productive manifesting versus wishful thinking.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aries

Taurus Sun - 04/19-05/19

Insight Card: The Lovers reversed

"This card represents love, choice, exam, trial and need for a decision."

Taurus, you may be feeling the pressure of Pisces dreamy energy to revisit past desires or fantasize about what could have been. Pay attention to what is serving you, paying extra attention to those places in your life that feel stagnant. When the Lovers appear there is always an option for love, it is simply a matter of choice. Shake up your days and get grounded around your choices.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Taurus

Gemini Sun - 05/20-06/20

Insight Card: Ten of Chalices

""The rejoicing maids are the symbol of success and of acknowledgment, of joy foreshadowing rest."

Gemini, you can't be go go go all the time. Pisces is a great season for self-care and especially care of the feet or care centered around grounding. Find the joy in your body and let that nourish you in the days ahead. Use the next four weeks or so to really celebrate what you have accomplished recently.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Gemini

Cancer Sun - 06/21-07/21

Insight Card: Three of Pentacles and Ten of Swords

"The image of the sitting woman reminds of famous and powerful persons willing to give their support." & "This card represents affliction, sorrow, sadness, breakdown, and disease."

Cancer, keep your eyes open for allies this month, people who are ready to support you in following your dreams and advancing your career. The time is ripe to find a mentor. Or it could be as simple as listening to a super inspiring podcast. Despite the sorrow of the pandemic, the 1o of Swords is the COVID card, there is an opportunity to grow out of the pain and disaster. Honor your grief AND follow the thread to new possibility. Both are welcome in the waters of Pisces season.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Cancer

Leo Sun - 7/22-8/21

Insight Card : Nine of Wands

"A woman tries to give comfort to a friend. This card represents the need of advice in adversities."

Leo you do not need to do everything yourself! Seek out a friend or a crew of allies to help you birth this idea into reality. It is tempting to isolate with the world in its current state, and yet the cards encourage you to reach out. Your strengths are in collaboration and extroversion so tap into the magic of dream season with Pisces to bring your dream team together.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Leo

Virgo Sun - 8/22-9/21

Insight Card: XIV Temperance & XVI The Tower

"This card represents harmony, serenity, recovery, moderation, and spirit of adaptability." & "This card represents arrogance, haughtiness, pride, catastrophe, and radical new perspectives."

Big energy coming your way Virgo. Stay vigilant during the Full Moon, which is in your sign this season as sudden transformation and big adaptability are at work in your life. The Tower brings with it a big shake up, and then Temperance appears to make this radical change bearable. Keep your wits about you, and tap into the ground waters that swell in the season of Pisces to float through the shake-ups and wake-ups that may be available to you at this time.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Virgo

Libra Sun - 9/22-10/22

Insight Card: Six of Pentacles

"The lightly resigned attitude of the maid is the symbol of acceptance of choices and the necessary actions which have to be done."

Libra, the Six of Pentacles is here to tell you its time to bring your thoughts into reality. As an air sign sometimes staying in the liminal space of choices is more comfortable, and yet you likely know what needs to be done to move forward. The time has arrived and the choice is made. Take action. It's the right time.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Libra

Scorpio Sun - 10/23- 11/21

Insight Card: Six of Wands

"Great danger often hides behind false appearance. This card represents a dangerous and unfair opponent."

Scorpio, lean into your intuitions this season. If someone appears disingenuous, or a message feels too good to be true, take the time to double check. Not everyone is as transparent as they seem, and with the dreamy influence of Pisces Season people may be larger than life or living in costume. This is a not message to live in fear, it is more a message to live in your truth, trusting your senses and digesting opportunities that come your way before taking action.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Scorpio

Sagittarius Sun - 11/22-12/20

Insight Card: Ace of Swords

"The shadow of sufferance floats over triumph achieved through growing. This card represents the maximum to be achieved in any sphere, conquest and victory, but always remembering the tribulations that were necessary for success."

Sometimes a great reward comes at a great cost. Sagittarius all that you have suffered in recent months is culminating at this time towards a great accomplishment. Do not wallow in the losses, and instead turn towards how they have made you stronger, wiser, and more resilient. These traits have gifted you with the strengths necessary for achieving what it is you desire today. Follow the winds of change as they shift in your favor, and celebrate your wins while remembering the path that brought you here.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Sagittarius

Capricorn Sun - 12/21-01/20

Insight Card: Ace of Chalices

"The maid in the moonlight is the symbol of romanticism, of sentimental satisfaction, happiness and positive change."

Capricorn your cup over floweth with sweet emotions. Revel in the fullness. Follow the bliss. Catch happiness where you find it. It could be a simple solo pleasure such as the sunset or a bath, or it could be time spent with another enjoying each others presence. Share your happiness with others and watch how it fills your inner well of wellbeing.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Capricorn

Aquarius Sun - 01/19-02/17

Insight Card: Five of Swords

"Sometimes defeat is so great that it only brings degradation and broken hopes with it."

There has been a LOT of Aquarius lately and as we leave your season to enter Pisces time the cards caution against hitting your upper limits. Upper limits are the forms of self-sabotage that we enact in our lives when we experience a great amount of happiness, success, or contentment. It can feel like too much, and so it is easy to turn toward negative thoughts or bad behaviors. Stay wise Aquarius and do not let your own self-defeat get in the way of your greatness.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aquarius


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