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Success with the Wishing Well Cavern

Wishes! Wishes! and More Wishes! 

Being a part of Turning the Wheel Missoula’s Enchanted Forest was a Full Body YES! and then the cherry on top was the event going smooth as butter. Thank you to everyone who came out to see the magic at the Enchanted Forest and participate in the wonder of my Wishing Well Cavern Installation.


The actual installation looked even better than I imagined in my head. I projected images of water I had collected from all over the world, and it completely transformed the white and silver Mirror Paintings into a cohesive space that completely immersed people in the waters of the Earth.

In addition to looking amazing I felt so good about the interaction and participation I experienced with everyone who came to visit me as the Wishing Well Woman. Each person was invited to make a wish through a series of simple, and embodying activities. First they would choose a stone to imbue with their wish. Then they would choose a Mirror Painting to reflect, amplify, and empower their wish. The dances and movements people came up with made me want to weep. I never expect much when making a request that is quite outside the cultural norm for interacting with a piece of art, but people really engaged, dropping deeply into the exercise. I could really feel the authenticity and sincerity as each person chose a Mirror to interact with, while also holding their wish in their mi