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Prismic Vision – Orange Sacral Skunk

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
This blog post is about the second mask, Orange Sacral Skunk created for the Prismic Vision NYE event hosted by the Body Earth Collective in Longmont. Read the first post in this series about Red Root Rabbit and other previous posts about the beginnings of the process as a whole and the success of the actual event. There will be five more posts, one for each mask. Be sure to Follow my blog to catch all the updates. I am looking forward to sharing more deeply about the process I went through with each mask.

The Beginnings

Originally my plan for these masks was to create them in order, from red to orange, and root to crown. However, after the completion of the Rabbit mask the timeline and my own creative flow didn’t allow for that to happen. In the end I worked on several masks simultaneously, creating different pieces