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Turning the Wheel Productions Turning the Wheel is an intergenerational dance/theater company committed to the collaborative creation of works of art that are rooted in and restorative for the communities in which we perform and teach. TTW is dedicated to making creative expression and art accessible to people of all ages, experience and cultural and socio­economic backgrounds.

The Magick Socks Experiment For the month of November I will be exploring various forms of Japan Street Fashions that have grown out of the Japanese concept of Kawaii. Most simply defined as “cute,” the term Kawaii encompasses a broader lifestyle and philosophy of “being lovable.” I am encouraging others to participate in the project and share their reactions, adventures, and stories with me and the world.

Clio the Faerie: Street Theatre Performances Clio loves to meet all different kinds of people. She’s happiest at Festivals and Celebrations where everyone is looking to have a good time. However she’s happy to perform almost anywhere. Everyone could use a little more magic in their day.

Captain Pump’s Raiders: Burning Man Theme Camp Our theme camp was founded on the principle that “We Don’t Suck!” Every single person on the planet has a gift to share with the world. Their own personal way of “Not Sucking.” We aim to share our love of story with the playa through games, songs, and speech. We hope to allow participants to unlock their own greatness through fantasy, while finding community and kinship with their fellow burners. The communal effort of slaying dragons may not seem great from the outside, but working with once-strangers to solve problems makes all of us stronger.

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