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April's Bird of the Month - Warbler

Just as every month has a significant crystal or special flower, each month is also aligned to the magick of a Specific Bird.

The Bird of April is the wonderful Warbler, specifically the Wilson's Warbler, but the symbolism of any Warbler will enhance your April Magick.


Master singer and champion for anyone who needs to speak. With your song in my ear guide me in how best to integrate my voice with my heart and my thoughts, so that I represent myself clear and confident. Infuse in me with my unique moment of expression, as each feather on your small but uplifting presence infuses you.

With your song in my ear guide me in how best to integrate my voice with my heart and my thoughts.

Let us move through fear together to speak whatever truths need to be spoken and express, express, Express! Hail and Welcome. Blessed Be!


April’s bird is the wonderful Warbler, here to teach us how to use our voice.


Call upon Warbler whenever you need to speak, especially in matters of conflict rooted in the tension of Self Expression. In the Northern Hemisphere April is the full with the energy of Spring. Birds are singing and the opening, awakening, enlivening energy encourages truths to be shared. April is also the season of Aries, a sign that is very expressive with the fiery Ram as its symbol.

Personally, I am always tickled by birds that are simply named for the sound they make. It makes me wonder what “sound” I make and what I bird might call me if it called me by my signature sound.

Warbler is linked to the magick of Self Expression and Clear Communication through the sympathetic spell of its name. Named for the sound it makes, sharing a similar space to birds like Quail and Chickadee, Warbler shares its essence every time they sing. Tap into this message by singing your name, exploring the sounds you can make, and playing with your voice.

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The Zine in this Months's Creative Coven Zine Club!

I wrote the Warbler zine in 2019, when I was just beginning my magickal zine journey. I love the bright Yellow and Green in the issue, and learning about Warbler was a delight. I hope my zine club patrons enjoy revisiting this feathered friend.

Khaleidoscope Tier ($15.15)

Patrons will receive a physical issue of 52 Facets, the Xenia Blessing Mini Zine, and access to a digital .pdf. There are limited slots available for this tier so Join Today!

Be Well & Blessed Be!

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