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Offerings at Arise Festival 2019

I am bringing art, movement, performance, and play to Arise Festival this year with the amazing Healing Village.

I have attended Arise a few times, however this year I am more excited than ever because I am bringing my whole artistic being to the event. Healing Village has offered me awesome opportunities to share what I bring with Arise and I am so thankful to be a part of their team this year. I am offering two awesome Playshops, participating in several Performances, and helping build a Wish/Grief Temple for the village. It’s pretty stellar.

Healing Village has an amazing lineup, bringing tons of workshops from a truly remarkable community of people. I am deeply honored to be included among such a knowledgeable and creative tribe. Healing Village is focused on somatic practices that create health and community.

The Healing Village is a gathering place to celebrate the wholeness of you. We invite you to explore what it means to Heal through different modes of EMBODIMENT as we dive into the richness of community, vibration, tissue, breath, movement, stillness, laughter and so much more. Come home to your embodied self and carry that fullness forward, enriching your connection to the Sacred Nature of Self, Other and Place.

It’s going to be an amazing weekend. If you are at the Festival be sure to stop by and check out one of my Playshops, performances, or art pieces. See you there!



Authentic Mask Making

Who are you? Who do you want to be? Who can you become? Create a mask to bring to life a character for the Healing Village “Body Earth” Procession. Multi media materials will be provided so you can let your creativity manifest in this make-it-and-take-it Playshop.

“The Body Now”: Embracing the Power of Play

Spend an hour in delicious retreat moving and playing with Turning the Wheel. Our deep body wisdom remembers the importance of play and through improvisational movement and playful community games we can tap into our innate creativity together. Let out your inner child to play, dance, sing, laugh, and move! Learn easeful practices to re-integrate the healing potential of play back into your daily routine. Activate a sense of well-being as wells as new pathways in your brain by moving spontaneously, possibly moving a new way you’ve never done before! You will emerge with a smile and a renewed sense of yourself!