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MAIDEN | MOTHER | CRONE Portable Pop-Up Altar Part II - The Goddesses

Find Part One of this Project, The Landscapes, in this previous post.

Maiden, Mother, and Crone are the archetypal triple Goddesses.

As I began this project I wanted to create an altar to Goddesses that would continue to be relevant to my life, existing across any culture or trend. Maiden, Mother, and Crone were the obvious choices. To settle my thoughts I created a list of some classic triple goddesses from myth that I am familiar with. This was a helpful exercise to anchor my thoughts. I brainstormed about the classical greek triad of Persephone, Demeter and Hekate; and the biblical figures Eve, Mary and Sophia. Other Goddesses that informed my thoughts included Venus and Isis. From this beginning I free associated the aspects I wanted to most feature, calling in my own inspirations of these deities such as Beauty, Bounty, and Magick.

The Beginnings of the Pop Up Pages