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Elsewhere Studio Residency 2022

A Month to Remember

This month has been a truly unique experience and one I will look back on fondly for the rest of my life. I have spent the month of November at the Elsewhere Artist Residency in Paonia, CO creating art, making new friends, and immersing myself in the mountain vibe. My cohort has been amazingly supportive and the art I've created while I've been here wouldn't have been possible without the restraints.

My Project

For my project at Elsewhere I had a vision of finishing a draft of a guide for the Beauty Oracle I have been slowly chipping away at since its conception in 2020. From November 2021 to February of this year I crystallized the cards, so that part of the project is complete. I quickly realized my original goal of creating a complete draft was too ambitious for one month at a residency, so I pivoted to a more achievable goal. I want the guide for this oracle to be something different, an artistic expression as well as a useful tool. I intend to create a "Book of Mirrors" as the guide. A visual grimoire of sorts, with inspirational colors to sink into.

I pivoted to creating the pages for five of the cards- Birthing Fierce Creativity, Nourishing your Radiant Temple, Appreciating the Ephemeral, What Wants to Happen Now?, and Know Your Truth.

The goal of this Oracle is to inspire users to create, appreciate, and engage with Beauty (in whatever way you define beauty) with more intention and magick.

A huge shout out to my Cohort!- Christy, Chrissy, Alexi, and Becky! One of my biggest anxieties about spending a month away from home at an art residency was connecting with the other artists. I had nothing to worry about with these fabulous people. This crew of creatives have become fast friends and I will miss everyone terribly. Be sure to check them out and give them some love. They are all super talented!

To Learn more about Elsewhere Studio visit their website.


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This Month of the Patreon enjoy December Perks to glow up your spirit

The final month of 2022 is here! To bring some light to the spirit in the dark of winter, with Yule and New Years around the corner, I was inspired by the Glowing Crystal of my most obscure issue of 52 Facets, Cobrastone (or more commonly known as Chlorophane or Ye Ming Zhu). I often find I could use a little bit of a Glow Up in December with the biting cold and dry air, plus all the pressure to look cheerful at holiday events. I thought we could start from the inside out, spending some time with Crystals that elevate the spirit, allowing a Glow from within. These were my thoughts when putting together the perks for this month's Patreon.

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A Gift that Keeps Giving

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