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Canvas to Cuff

Thank You to everyone who voted for me in the 2017 “Canvas to Cuff” Contest.  



The 2nd annual event is happening now, and my beautiful cuff, which your votes helped make a reality, is still available for purchase. Visit Walters and Hogsett today to learn more about the contest or treat yourself to a beautiful piece of wearable art!

I was honored to win the first annual Canvas to Cuff. This annual event provides Boulder professional and student painters the opportunity to have their original artwork replicated on an ÉVOCATEUR gold leaf cuff. Winning designs will be inducted into the Walters & Hogsett Boulder Artist Series, and winning artists will be rewarded with an ÉVOCATEUR cuff with their artwork and share in the proceeds of every future sale online or in-store!

What was your inspiration for the piece you submitted?

Khiri Lee: I recently collaborated on a project called “The Good Box” with Turning the Wheel. The project was focused on reclaiming the word good as a positive meditation word and resulted in the creation of 30 affirmation cards all with a phrase about the innate goodness in all of us. My art is featured on the cards, and I played an important hand in the final design. After the completion of the deck of cards I felt activated to create more paintings inspired by the goodness all around us. The “Celestial Beings” Series grew organically from this starting point.


Walters and Hogsett

M-F 10AM – 5:30PM SAT. 10AM – 4PM

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