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Birthday Cards

I love making cards. It is so lovely to share a little piece of my art and creativity with the people I love on their Birthdays. May/June is a busy time for celebrations among my friends so I took a moment away from the insanity of moving to the East Bay in CA to make some cards.


I used promotional materials from Starbucks, of all places, as the backing for these collages. Starbucks is selling small batch coffee with beautiful art. I was way more excited about the little informational cards they were giving away for free as advertising. They were beautifully printed, with gold pressed letters and designs. Perfect for the base of a card.

With the cards as a starting point, I simply layered scraps of paper from my magical box of scrap paper to create a little piece of art. I really love how they look, and have been snatching more cards from Starbucks when I walk past one. Once dry I mounted the cards on watercolor paper, which I dabbed a little bit of paint onto. I also added Happy Birthday stickers from my magnificent throwback Lisa Frank sticker book.

I hope my friends like them!

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