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The Creatrix Behind the Wishing Well

Hi, I'm Khiri

I learned about when attending the Southern Sierra Goddex Gathering and immediately saw it as a place to rebuild my Wishing Well Installation. I had dreams of crafting a digital experience with the Wishing Well since 2018, and thanks to I was able to bring my dream into reality!


I am a mixed media artist, dancer, installation artist, and zine writer. I strive to fill the world with more beauty and meaning. Being an artist and witch is a sacred calling to activate people's imagination, to communicate new stories into the world that serve our shifting communities, and to invoke a brighter future for us all. In 2020, in response to the Global Pandemic, I pivoted my practice to bring art and ritual to the digital world through streaming platforms like and now with this virtual installation, The Wishing Well.

About the Art

Many traditions of sacred art work with the form of the circle. Mandala is loosely translated from sanskrit as circle, and has evolved from its original meaning in Buddhist and Hindu traditions to encompass a wide variety of ideas, ranging from Jungian explorations to 13th century Labyrinths. This pervasive and global connection of circles to the sacred captivates me, and is a form I consistently return to when painting. My personal style, loosely inspired by the mandala motif, has grown from a deep love of symmetry and magic. The mixed media elements I have developed come from a passion for printmaking, introduced to me in college, and deconstruction, inspired from my residency at the Art House. I create my own prints, patterns, and papers to cut and then reconstruct. This repetition of imagery speaks to the repetitive nature of wishing and storytelling, as if creating a visual mantra in every piece. . 

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Remything Life through Art, Movement, & Color

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