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The Wishing Well @ Enchanted Forest 2018

What does a wish look like?

This question spurred the creation of the Wishing Well Mirrors, which were originally conceived for an art installation at the Enchanted Forest event in Missoula, MT. After researching the history of wishing wells and sacred waters in myth I settled on creating “mirrors” for the exhibition. Each mirror would have a specific wish as the progeny for the painting, and then working in the style I have been developing since beginning my studio practice in 2016, I set to work to create the collection.


Weaving symbolism linked to wishes, such as stars, children, mirrors, butterflies, treasure, and keys, the final pieces blend acrylic paint, printed images, and cut out papers to create the final mixed media presentation. The color palette of silver, greys, and whites grounded the imagery of a mirror, and created a sense of unity among the collection. 

The Original Wishing Well Installation

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