Growing Gardens mirror

This mirror is a wish for everyone on the planet, for we are all worthy, to have access to abundant & delicious food. A picture of gardens overflowing with fruits and vegetable all across the world.


Shooting Star Mirror

A mirror for every wish made upon a star, especially the extra magickal moments sparked by the sight of a shooting star streaking across the sky.


Kaleidoscope Mirror

A wish for change is captured in the Kaleidoscope Mirror, honoring the tiny fractal movements towards growth that occur in each moment like a incremental miracle.


Sacred Wish Mirror

Each wish is a covenant with the universe, seeding the future with hopes and dreams for the better. This mirror honors the relationship with future and present that every well wisher experiences. 


Playground Mirror

This mirror is a wish for the Children. That there is a brightest tomorrow where each child is loved, allowed to blossom and prosper, and found laughing with delight at the small wonders of the world. Also a wish for our inner child to find peace. 


Winter Waters Mirror

In Colorado where I live there are times when the world becomes so dry it is almost unbearable. I created this Mirror to call in the snow, the rain, the moisture that keeps the draught away.


Dancing Enchantment Mirror

Dancing is an activity akin to healing, and I wish everyone would dance a little every day and that the pains that keep others from experiencing the Joy of Dance are banished from the Earth. 




This Mirror is a wish for everyone to unlock their hearts and know the deepest, richest, simplest, most beautiful happiness. A mirror for laughter, bliss, and play. 


Inner Eclipse Mirror

Magickal things occur when the Shadow lurking inside is addressed and met with the touch of love. The Inner Eclipse Mirror is a wish for each person to experience the power locked away in their taboo and negativity. 


Fresh Start Mirror

The Magick to begin again. A wish for trust and courage. To remember that nothing is permanent and the infinite is possible, it is simply a matter of choosing to start.


Sing-a-Long Mirror

The Universe is a song. This mirror is a wish to feel the hum, align with the vibration, find a voice, and sing hope, love, peace, prosperity, and creativity into the world. 




I love how Carousels move in so many different ways. They spin, they go up and down, the play music. This Mirror is a wish for a life that is a the pace of a Carousel, in motion and gentle; colorful and alive. 




This mirror is a wish to call in the unexpected fun and play of a carnival. The spectacular, the exuberant, the unknown! 


Creative Conscious


This Mirror is a wish to manifest creativity, inspiration, and the muse. Call in your artistic ability for the whole word, as art is a necessity for humanity to thrive.

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Remything Life through Art, Movement, & Color