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An Afternoon with Venus

Sacred Art Workshop Guided by Khiri Lee & Grace Tzofia

Friday the 13th is a sacred day to the Goddess. Enjoy spending the afternoon in sacred play, activating your creativity, and making beautiful art from spirit. Relax into the energy of Venus, learning the intricacies of your Venus Phase and how that informs your relationship to the sacred feminine. 


The Offering

Your Guides



Grace and I both have years of experience guiding people into ritual space.

Through Ritual we will:

  • Soak up the Venusian energy from a feminine altar,

  • Rest in guided meditation,

  • Participate in the invocation of the Goddess Venus, the Star of Heaven. 


Phases of Venus

Inspired by the writings of Astrologer Adam Gainsburg we will uncover the secrets of your unique Venus Phase. 

As the Venus travels through our skies, transitioning from Morning Star to Evening star, she passes through 13 Phases.  Each phase has a gift to empower your life.

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Sacred Art

I have been facilitating sacred art workshops since 2010. Sacred art is art created from spirit, outside the critique of comparative mind or the established aesthetic of the art world.

It is a deeply healing experience of activating your own inner creativity. Art is your birthright. Rest into this guided project and take home a piece to remember our time together. 


Artwitch | Ritualist | Embodiment Facilitator

Khiri Lee

Khiri is re-mything life through movement and color. She is an animated facilitator of movement and art, weaving her experience from over a decade of being an educator into compelling workshops. Embodied movement is core to her ever evolving art practice.


Shamanic Practitioner | Reiki Master | Medicine Woman

Grace Tzofia

Grace offers fun, practical, and relevant practices designed to maximize participants sovereignty and empowerment through direct access to their own divine essence. Grace has studied and taught shamanistic practices since 2016.




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Remything Life through Art, Movement, & Color

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