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The Map of the Moon Painting

The Map of the Moon Painting


The question I asked back in 2020 that inspired this new venture in crystal painting was, "How does the Full Moon Love Each Month?" In January perhaps the moon celebrates being a light in the dark, and in September it could honor the balance of the days. Each crystal painting is inspired by a different full moon and how that moon might shine its love on the Earth each season.


This 10x10 was painted with each of the thirteen Faces of Love Moon Crystals, to act a as a map for the other paintings. It was a became a place of exploration and learning, as I discovered the gouache techniques that worked best for the effect I was hoping to achieve. 


Bring a bright a colorful moon crystal into your home for a pop of inspiration and magick everyday. 


Original Art

Gouache & Acrylic
10x10 (2023)

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