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Woven Inspiration

A lot of my artistic endeavors are experiments for a possibly larger project. This piece was created as a prototype for one such idea. I had a number of colored grids, and a lot of scrap fabrics, paper, and ribbon. I wanted to weave a story of colors and textures through the grid that would flow together in a series. I had eight grids, four of each color; red, green, blue, and yellow. I decided to start with blue because I had the most of that color available in my scrap bin. In the end my experiment didn’t really capture what I had in my mind. I wanted to evoke more of a feeling, and the words and images woven through send a confusing message. I think if I was more interested in the end result, and less interested in seeing how the weaving actually worked I would have had a more successful project. Despite not being happy with the final vision of the piece, I was happy with how the different materials wove through the grid, and how the textures mixed together.

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