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Explore: Making Due with What I’ve Found.

For someone who normally has a lot of art supplies at their disposal it has been quite hard to have ALL of my supplies in storage. For some reason the only things I brought to Chicago for my first two weeks here were two pairs of scissors, various pens and sharpies in my purse, a gluestick (thank goodness!), and my sketchbook. I realize that most of those things can be picked up relatively easy at grocery stores and office supply chains, but I normally don’t leave town without some watercolors or crayons. And if I had the foresight to bring two pairs of scissors, why not a pair of exacto knives?

Regardless, I made due for about two days before feeling the itch for something more complicated and so I struck out to find some more supplies to create with. I stumbled upon Papersource, about two blocks from where I am staying temporarily. It reminds me of Boulder’s local paper shop, Two Hand Paperie, with a little less charm and a little more big chain. I picked up a packet of paper scraps and called it good. With my new paper in hand I set out to add some more art to my sketchbook.

All the supplies I have gathered.

All the supplies I have gathered.My theme for my first month in Chicago is to explore and so I created a collage to manifest my exploration in the city. Here is the result: