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Drawing with Lines

In College we were given a number of assignments. As far as I could tell the majority of these assignments were intended to expand our vision, not our artistic abilities. Being able to see things as they are and as they are not was the main goal. These images are from an assignment that read as follows-

Continuation of exercises from class:

  1. (2) Gesture Drawing

  2. (2) Contour Drawing

  3. (2) Blind Contour

  4. (2) Drawing from Memory

  5. (2) Continuous Line

I chose to do my fist, because it was very available to me, and a potted plant located in the front of the art building. The plant was a much more interesting study than my hand. If you decide to look through the images in more detail you can read my notes and thoughts. There is even a poem on one of the pages.

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