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Brand New Crayons!!

A long time ago I found an image on the internet of a rainbow unicorn zebra thingy. It was a great picture, but the best part about it was the comment from the artist. It read something along the lines of “new box of crayons… YAY!” Every time I buy a new box of crayons (which is more often then it probably should be) I have a similar feeling.

All the crayon things!

This time I had a really valid reason for buying new crayons. I can’t find mine. They have vanished into my pile of misplaced things that were relocated from my flooded condo. And I just didn’t buy any old box of crayon. I bought three “pick your pack” crayon boxes from target, which make my inner child SO happy.

I bought three packs, and a lovely tin to put them in. I chose the Bejeweled pack because it had a peacock on the box. I chose Glitterati despite its scary picture on the package because it promised glitter, which I can never resist. And I chose pixie dust because I liked the fairies and liked the colors.

Crayon Sketchbook Page

Here are the crayons in action! I colored a little doodle I drew a couple days ago, and then I copied the back of the packages and created little swirlies of each crayon. I think there is some overlap between the Glitterati and Bejeweled packs, but it will take a little more experimenting to make sure.

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