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Book a One on One Session

Blocked in your creativity? Needing support to move an artistic endeavor forward? Afraid to start a painting or performance? I have 15+ years experience guiding people through their creative block to more expression, spontaneity, confidence, and joy.

I can't wait to unlock more Art Magick with You!



Every week you can join me live in my studio through making art and reading oracle cards.
Wed 1:30-4pm MST

Thurs 10:00-noon MST
Fri 1:30-4:30pm MST

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Sign up for my full course to explore different techniques, or continue the project at your own pace. Includes word pool downloads, inspirational videos, & step-by-step guide.

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Join me for monthly New Moon Vision Board parties in the Wholistic Hive. The perfect was to reset each month.

On the New Moon @ 8:00-10:oo pm MST

If you missed today’s #craftalong don’t
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