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JASPER | 52 Facets Zine | VOL XII

JASPER | 52 Facets Zine | VOL XII

52 Facets is a weekly zine featuring a different crystal ally, weaving together art, myth, medicine, and ritual. This zine is the perfect addition to every crystal witches collection. 
Written and Created by Artwitch & Creatrix Khiri Lee
This is the third Issue of 52 Facets- Jasper
The perfect crystal for Aries
In this issue:
 -Invocations for Jasper
 - An exploration of different types of Jasper and Goddess Correspondences
 - Jasper and Aries
 - Healing Grid with Jasper
 -Messages to inspire, motivate, and activate. 
 -Beautiful Art on every page!
Each Zine is printed, handcrafted, folded, and pasted by yours truly. Due to the nature of the product imperfections in the edges and folds may exist. 
This Zine is mailed as a letter due to its size.
5.5" x 4"
Printed on High Gloss Paper
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