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Final ARTS 1010 Printmaking Project

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These are images from my completed printmaking project from last semester. It’s entitled pedestals and it is a series of prints that show the light side and the dark side of the pedestals that I find myself places upon, whether by others or by myself. I was thrilled with the final product because all the trial and error really paid off. The hanging style with the mirror was also extremely polished looking.

Pretty much everything I did strengthened the piece. The only issue was some people felt the green cross-legged person looked like a man instead of a woman. I, however, didn’t see this. From the silouhettes to the collage backgrounds to the color palette everything worked togther to create piece that was though-provoking and harmonious. I would strive to have this piece shown in exhibition outside of the classroom setting to see how well it would be recieved.

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