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Thank you!

This Project was made possible through the love & support of my community


Lizzi Juda: You were the true midwife of the original wishing wells. Thank you for encouraging me to create an installation for Turning the Wheel Missoula's Enchanted Forest and then allowing me to live, create, and experiment in your beautiful home for the birth of this project. 💙 

Lulu Delphine, Marlena Weiss, and the TTWM Team: Enchanted Forest 2018 was an amazing venue to bring the Wishing Well Cavern to life and it would not have been possible without the amazing work of Lulu, Marlena, and all the wonderful people of Missoula, and Turning the Wheel. Check out TTWM and all the beauty they bring into the world. 🤍 

My Husband, Zac: Every day Zac is a champion of my creative endeavors, encouraging me in my artistic pursuits. He has been extremely patient with my strange hours, following the call of inspiration early in the morning or late into the night. I love you. 💙

Sasha Zee and the Team at ssgg6 & The Wholistic Hive: This reincarnation of the Wishing Well was inspired by the Sasha's invitation to be a part of 2021's Southern Sierra Goddex Gathering in another Topia world, The Wholisitic Hive. I want to thank her and her team for their enthusiasm towards this idea, and weaving into the conference. Thank you! 🤍

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Remything Life through Art, Movement, & Color

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