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Shadow Zine Collection Crow, Vulture, Owl | 52 Feathers Bundles

Shadow Zine Collection Crow, Vulture, Owl | 52 Feathers Bundles


The Shadow Collection- This collection features three dark messengers ready to help you tap into the spirit of the season and delve into shadow work. Owl, Crow, and Vulture are three powerful bird allies with spooky reputations. In this collection: CROW: Champions of Magic, Crow is a powerful totem for many gods & goddesses of night, death, and trickery OWL: Guardian of the Night, Owl holds multitudes of wisdom, with diverse symbolism VULTURE: Death Eater & Purifier, Vulture is a master alchemist, bridging the realms of death and life. 52 Feathers is a weekly zine featuring different bird messengers, weaving together art, myth, medicine, and ritual. This zine is perfect for magic and bird lovers alike. Written and Created by Artist Khiri Lee Each Zine is printed, handcrafted, folded, and pasted by yours truly. Due to the nature of the product imperfections in the edges and folds may exist. Each zine is 5.5" x 4" Printed on High Gloss Paper 

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