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TAROTSCOPES for Release 10/4/20-10/10/20

Tarotscopes are weekly insights inspired by oracle cards and the Zodiac.

Unlike traditional horoscopes which gift insight from the location of the stars and planets, Tarotscopes share wisdom from cards drawn from a Tarot Deck.

This week the cards were full of tough love. Letting go isn't always easy but often leads to greater gains. . For this week we asked for wisdom from the Art Nouveau Tarot Deck and sought specifically to answer the question:

How can each sign Release & Let Go in the week ahead?

Find the Full Broadcast on my Twitch Channel or scroll down to find the insight for your specific Sun sign. The questions answered are based on your birth, your Sun Sign, and not necessarily the location of the stars on a given day. If you are unfamiliar with your Sun sign it is based on your birthday, and the rough dates for each sign is listed below. Or find your whole chart on amazing sites like

I draw these cards in hopes of sparking your own reflection with your inner landscape, each draw an opportunity for the spark of Aha! Find your sign and see what bubbles up for you in the upcoming week based on the wisdom of the Tarot.

Libra Sun - 9/21-10/21

Card for Release: Queen of Chalices

"This image represents the faithful wife or fiancé, symbol of romanticism and sensuality.""

Is there a woman in your life, Libra, who fits the description of the Queen of Chalices? It could be time to let this person go, and move on. Or it is possible that someone fitting this description is going to support you in learning to let go in the week ahead. Consider who this person could be, as they are the key unlocking your emotions and allowing release.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Libra

Scorpio Sun - 10/21-11/21

Card for Release: The Devil & The Knight of Pentacles

"This card represents magnetism, sensuality, magic, deceits, allurements, fascination, and suggestion." and "This messenger of profitable occasions is also a symbol of a trustworthy, useful, and helpful person."

Scorpio, your task this week is to cut through any illusions you have about your circumstances, letting go of your false perceptions and stories that chain you in unprofitable circumstances. There is the possibility for growth and prosperity this week, however you need to open your eyes to the truth to access it. Use this truth to discern if those around you offering help and support are genuine or attempting to deceive you, releasing your bond to any individuals who wish you ill. Pay attention this week Scorpio to how things actually are versus how you think they are.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Scorpio

Sagittarius Sun - 11/21-12/21

Card for Release: The Chariot reversed

"This card represents triumph, success, recognized merit and evolution."

It's time to let go of doubt and negative self-talk, Dear Sagittarius. The Chariot is the card of instinct and success. If your inner critic has been running the show take action to give them a different task so that you can shift focus back to your sense of success and accomplishment. Releasing the negativity will lead to success.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Sagittarius

Capricorn Sun - 12/21-01/21

Card for Release: King of Pentacles

"The powerful man who clutches the kicking maid is the symbol of arrogance, of cupidity, and of greed."

There is a lot of Capricorn energy in the stars right now, which are supporting and amplifying your traits Capricorn, both positive and negative. One of the negative traits of Saturn's influence is to be a bit miserly, so if you are letting Saturn's scarcity mindset take over, it's time to switch gears. Let go, be less attached, and share some of your resources, skills, or ideas with those around you. Likely amazing things will flow into the vacuum left behind.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Capricorn

Aquarius Sun - 01/21-02/21

Card for Release: Ace of Chalices

"The maid in the moonlight is the symbol of romanticism, of sentimental satisfaction, happiness and positive change."

Simply let go to trying this week and simply Be, dear Aquarius. The Aces in the Tarot are a gift, so rather than fussing and attempting to make Happiness in your life, step back and let it flow in. Surrender to whatever life has to offer up this week as see how satisfied you can be with your present circumstances.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aquarius

Pisces Sun - 02/21-03/21

Card for Release: Two of Wands

"This maid's face reveals a pain and sadness possibly caused by disease or suffering"

Pisces, seek support to for any pain, trauma, or illness that may be affecting your life at this time. The pandemic that has ravaged the globe comes to mind, and giving yourself time and space to grieve the pain caused by such a catastrophic event could be necessary. Grieving is a part of letting go, a valuable step in the process towards health and integration.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Pisces

Aries Sun - 03/21-04/21

Card for Balance: King of Chalices reversed

"This fatherly figure represents generosity, helpfulness, a favorably disposed important man."

Turn some of your kindness and generosity back upon yourself this week, Aries. Release the need to protect, help, and give to everyone else around you. Prioritize your own needs this week, and let go of the responsibility to take care of everyone in your life. It does not have to be forever, but this week you will benefit by shifting focus to your own needs.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Aries

Taurus Sun - 04/21-05/21

Card for Balance: Knave of Pentacle reversed

"The absorbed man is the symbol of study and of reflection on different opportunities, on new business relationships."

Taurus, take a step back and get a sense of the bigger picture this week. Let go of the attachment to do everything yourself or the way you have always done things before. Seek support from those around you, take inspiration from others, and see how easing up on perfection can create new opportunity this week. If you've been traveling along one train of thought and it is no longer serving you, it is time to let go and start again. Release the sunk cost fallacy.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Taurus

Gemini Sun - 05/21-06/21

Card for Release: Six of Pentacles reversed

"The lightly resigned attitude of the maid is the symbol of acceptance of choices and the necessary actions which have to be done."

Gemini, if you need to take care of yourself by letting go or changing your mind on a decision you made you get to do that Gemini. You may be hard on yourself for being mercurial, after receiving negative feedback for this aspect of your nature, but its time to release the fear or worry that things will not work out if you change your mind. There is no fixed reality, and more options are always available.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Gemini

Cancer Sun - 06/21-07/21

Card for Release: Six of Wands reversed

"Great danger often hides behind false appearance. This card represents a dangerous and unfair opponent.""

Do not back down from the potential for power this week, dear Cancer. Some part of yourself that you may have perceived as weak or unacceptable is going through a transformation this week to become a piece of your inner strength. Incorporating aspects of the shadow into the light is part of the lifelong process of coming into even more harmony and balance with the parts of ourselves. Enjoy the wholeness and integration this week, Cancer.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Cancer

Leo Sun - 7/21-8/21

Card for Release: One of Pentacles

"This card represents a favorable period, a commercial success, an increase of capital from an increase in imagination."

Dear Leo, let your imagination take flight. If you have been anchored in material concerns or grasping to reality, let go and let your spirits soar. The Aces in the Tarot represents gifts, so letting go a little or a lot will create space for wealth and abundance to flow into your life. Meditate with the three flying birds in the card to find buoyancy in your heart and mind. .

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Leo

Virgo Sun - 8/21-9/21

Card for Balance: Queen of Swords

"The indifferent expression of the sovereign is the symbol of malice, falsity, and disgrace. This card also represents a lovely woman, a widow, sadness and melancholy."

Sweet Virgo take a deep look at whatever is making you feel sad and melancholy. It is time to become invested in your own happiness. Let go of the things that are no longer serving you or holding you back from finding your joy. It could also be a sign to release a woman in your life who is holding you back through criticism or malice. Take stock and find your happiness, Virgo.

Watch the Full Reading from the Live Broadcast For Virgo


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